Blueshift Named “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform” for 2020

MarTech Breakthrough Awards for best overall marketing automation platform

The time is upon us! As leaves begin to fall, students settle into their routines, and the weather chills (depending on your hemisphere that is) we settle into a new season: award season. The MarTech award season to be specific. And this year we have some exciting news… Blueshift has won big! 

Each conference season MarTech Breakthrough Awards assembles a panel of elite, senior-level judges, that have personally worked within the MarTech space to pick the best and brightest in MarTech for the year. We’re honored that such a distinguished group of our peers has found Blueshift worthy of a Breakthrough Award. Now drumroll, please…

We are proud to announce that Blueshift has been named “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform” at the MarTech Breakthrough Awards for 2020. 

Now for the “thank yous”.

The Blueshift team takes this honor seriously because we’re always striving to push the envelope and bring our customers new and innovative platform features. And it takes a village to pull it off. Round of applause for our product team that constantly releases exciting updates, our customer success folks who bring great expertise to the table, and everyone else who makes Blueshift tick!

At the core of everything we do is empowering marketers to deliver truly meaningful marketing — and we’d be remiss if we didn’t also thank the amazing marketers that use Blueshift! Their successes echo our own at this moment, so if you haven’t already check out the fantastic work they’re doing over here


Blueshift’s journey began when our 3 founders put themselves into a marketer’s shoes and realized just how difficult it was for non-technical folks to work with data. So, they set out to create the world’s first self-serve SmartHub CDP that allows marketers to unify all their first-party data and activate it with the power of AI to deliver personalized, meaningful omnichannel customer experiences.

What drives our desire to serve markets can be wrapped up in Blueshift’s key values: MORPH.