Blueshift Customer Stories: Tuft & Needle Improves Email Revenue by 181% with 1:1 Personalized Experiences

Tuft & Needle and Blueshift logos under an image of a family removing the contents from a box labeled "Tuft & Needle"

We can all agree that the traditional mattress buying process can be unnecessarily complicated. Daehee Park and JT Marino were fed up with inconsistent skews, pushy sales reps, and poor customer service that was all too common in the mattress industry when they established the world’s first direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding brand, Tuft & Needle.

The brand quickly rose to popularity and eventually merged with industry veteran Serta Simmons. Prior to the merger with Tuft & Needle, Serta primarily sold in brick-and-mortar stores with a limited online presence. Serta saw immense value in Tuft & Needle because of their D2C business model and marketing expertise needed to bring the Serta team to the next level.

Tuft & Needle was no longer just a lean startup, but rather a large business with ever-growing needs. Their legacy ESP just wasn’t cutting it, and it became clear to the Tuft & Needle marketing team that they needed to upgrade to a solution that would enable them to move beyond simple batch-and-blast campaigns, and utilize the wealth of the first-party customer data they had collected. Their search led them to their perfect fit  — Blueshift.


After an exhaustive search involving marketing, IT, and engineering — Tuft & Needle decided that Blueshift would be the best platform to take their marketing efforts to the next level and continue to grow their business for years to come. Blueshift’s ability to activate first-party data across systems and, in turn, use that data to engage their most valuable customers easily with beautifully branded emails.

Thanks to Blueshift’s platform white-box approach and the ability to put the power of customer data into marketers’ hands, Tuft & Needle’s marketing team was able to get up and running incredibly quickly. The team was able to create and execute new campaigns on the fly with ease such as abandoned checkout, brochure requests, 100-day mattress trials, and product upsells based on previous purchases due to the ability to quickly navigate the platform and access all key elements of their campaigns.


Blueshift’s first-party Single Customer Views proved essential to Tuft & Needle’s success, “We are facing a future where we cannot leverage 3rd party cookies in the same way, and that’s going to have a huge impact on marketing teams. Blueshift works around that by giving us the power to target lookalike audiences more effectively across paid channels,” said Tyler Norris, Email & Loyalty Manager at Tuft & Needle.

With the power of Blueshift, the Tuft & Needle team has seen some incredible results. Within the first year, email revenue increased 181% and they’ve upped their use of Automated Workflows by 40%.

Their partnership with Blueshift is going stronger than ever and they have plans to majorly expand their use of the Blueshift platform after only a year of usage. They are now looking to increase their number of automated campaigns by 75% and begin using Blueshift’s Audience Syndication to better their paid advertising efforts by delivering cohesive and consistent messaging across Facebook and Google.

Want to read the full story? Read the complete digital Tuft & Needle Case Study. Or, if you’re ready to start investigating how Blueshift might help grow your own marketing efforts, you can request a demo.