Blueshift Certified as ‘RealCDP’ in CDP Institute’s Inaugural Audit

Blueshift logo with 2020 RealCDP Certified badge

2020 has been a year of incredible growth and adoption for Customer Data Platforms, with players large and small unveiling their own iteration of a Customer Data Platform. The CDP industry added 22 vendors and is estimated to reach $1.3 billion in revenue in 2020 alone — but this growth has also led to mixed perceptions of what a CDP is and what it provides. What is a CDP really? Who needs one? And most importantly, which companies can rightfully claim the title of CDP for their own products. In the spirit of deciphering the CDP industry and determining true value from marketing gimmicks, the CDP Institute conducted its first RealCDP Audit.

Blueshift is proud to announce that we have become certified as a “RealCDP” by the CDP Institute in their inaugural 2020 Audit, conducted and verified by independent auditors. 

“Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP is a comprehensive CDP built for marketers with out-of-the-box features designed to accelerate an organization’s adoption of customer-centric marketing. This platform has a marketer-centric interface that is best-in-class and integrates well with any existing marketing technology stack.” – The CDP Institute

What constitutes a RealCDP?

The CDP Institute’s guidelines to become a certified RealCDP vendor is extremely rigorous and can be broken down into 5 core CDP capabilities, of which Blueshift meets all:

Blueshift Certified as ‘RealCDP’ in CDP Institute’s Inaugural Audit

  • Ingest Data: The platform can ingest and capture all types of data such as CRM data, website data, channel data, data warehouses, POS systems, IVR, or any other data source.
  • Maintain Data: The platform can maintain and manage all required customer and demand-side data.
  • Store Historical Data: The platform can store all detailed historical and longitudinal data
  • Unified Customer Profile: The platform can create and manage a 360-degree view of the customer (or Single Customer View), both known and anonymous, that marketers can then leverage across all campaigns.
  • Share Customer Data: The platform can distribute and/or syndicate data wherever (and ideally whenever) needed such as paid media destinations or 3rd-party tools

In addition to Blueshift’s outstanding performance in these categories, Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP goes above and beyond — meeting all of the RealCDP Stack capabilities, as well as meeting CDP Enhancement requirements and add-ons that make marketers lives easier:

Blueshift Certified as ‘RealCDP’ in CDP Institute’s Inaugural Audit


  • Analytics: The platform includes analytic solutions to build and enable algorithms, models, reports, and analysis. Blueshift Insights allows marketers to track the performance of any campaign element across every channel, all within an easy-to-use interface.
  • Personalization: The platform includes program personalization solutions including tools, technologies, and techniques. Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio that’s purpose-built for brands to start creating dynamic, targeted messages that get users to convert, all within an intuitive interface to build dynamic recommendation blocks that can be used across channels.
  • Journey Orchestration: The platform includes customer journey orchestration solutions for multi-touch, multi-channel marketing. Blueshift’s omnichannel orchestration Hub enables marketers to quickly build workflows that incorporate any channel, from email, customer support, ad targeting, and more — and deliver timely, personalized interactions based on customer behaviors with triggered workflows.
Blueshift Certified as ‘RealCDP’ in CDP Institute’s Inaugural Audit


  • Channels & Connectors: The platform includes CDP supported channels and available Connectors to capture and distribute data. With Blueshift, marketers can engage customers across any channel such as email, push, in-app, SMS, paid media, your website, in-store, and more.
  • 3rd Party Applications: The platform connects to third-party applications, including Blueshifts many Partners and tightknit integrations to all of marketers’ favorite tools and systems, that provide, pre-integrate, and or support the CDP system.
  • Real-Time Updates: The platform provides real-time update capabilities that capture data — Blueshift can scale beyond the needs of the biggest enterprise companies, with some organizations bringing 100 million, or more, Monthly Active Users that execute personalized campaigns with over 10 million messages per hour. Blueshift’s event processing and personalization latencies are sub-second.
  • Real-Time Customer Profile: The platform provides real-time customer profile extracts delivered where needed.
  • End-User Training: The platform provides end-user training with Customer Success and Blueshift Academy, workshops, our Documentation and Help Center, educational materials, and more to set clients up for success and have quick ROI.

In addition to the CDP Institute’s static RealCDP criteria, Blueshift was recognized to have features not common to the CDP industry at large. SmartHub CDP Standout: Especially noted was the SmartHub CDP’s unique approach to AI and its “white-box” models which allow marketers to gain insight into and personalize variables used in decisioning.

Where Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP Shines: Real-Time Customer Profiles, AI, and Omnichannel Orchestration

We’re excited to be included in the CDP Institutes cohort of “RealCDPs” because it really validates the true vision of the SmartHub CDP. The platform checks all of the RealCDP boxes, yes, but it also goes above and beyond to make marketing more personalized and easier than ever to achieve. The SmartHub CDP empowers marketers by not only unifying their customer data but by making it actionable across the omnichannel experience while putting the marketer in full control.

What’s more, the SmartHub CDP allows marketers to coordinate not only their owned channels but also the entire customer experience down to paid media and customer service. This is what really sets the SmartHub CDP apart from other platforms. It enables you to harness the full power of your data with a CDP, makes this data actionable with AI, so you can deliver 1:1 personalized experiences at scale — all from one, central platform.