Put Your Customer Data to Work

Join Forrester, VentureBeat, and Blueshift in this frank discussion of AI, customer data, and cross-channel marketing. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of what it takes to fully integrate customer data and AI into your cross-channel marketing.

Brands have access to terabytes more customer data than they did just a few years ago, but most organizations are using only 10% of what they collect — and are unsure how to turn data into sophisticated, personalized cross-channel marketing.

That kind of high-touch, multichannel engagement is within every brand’s reach, but it requires putting AI in the driver’s seat. Yet, the hype-cycle that surrounds AI-powered marketing leaves many companies wondering what’s truth, what’s fiction — and most importantly, how to even start applying it for notable returns.

What will you learn from this webinar?

Understand the power of the customer data you have at your fingertips
Learn how to leverage data to drive personalized, cross-channel marketing
Discover how AI can transform your marketing strategy 




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Rusty Warner
Principal Analyst
Stewart Rogers
Vijay Chittoor
Co-founder and CEO
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AI-Powered Marketing:

Put Your Customer Data to Work

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