A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a game-changer for marketers in today’s data-driven landscape. CDPs tackle many marketer challenges by seamlessly unifying data and giving marketers easy access to activate their customer data.

As a follow up to our recent CDP webinar, David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute, and Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift are back to answer some of the most important questions about CDPs. Join them as they deep dive further into:

  • Selecting the Right CDP: We’ll guide you through picking the perfect CDP that fits your use cases and your stack, and the importance of “try before you buy”
  • Secrets to Successful Implementations: Explore how to set up your CDP right from day 1, and to create a framework for ongoing enhancements that lead to additional benefits
  • Realizing ROI from your CDP: Learn the top use cases that drive tangible ROI, as well as how to build a framework for measurement and experimentation

You’ll come away with expert insights and tips to help guide you toward a personalized CDP strategy.


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David Raab

Founder, CDP Institute

Vijay Chittoor

Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift