A large number of e-commerce website and app users abandon their session before completing their transaction. Marketers can target these users by merchandising the content related to their browsing and searching history, or their cart contents. Marketing messages can be composed using a combination of Retargeted content (the items that the user already saw and abandoned), & related recommendations (similar items, e.g. best sellers in the same category/brand). Targeted emails created in this way can convert as much as 30-50X the conversion rate of newsletter emails.

Types of Re-targeting

There are various ways in which you can merchandise re-targeted content along with related recommendations:

  • Retarget Cart Abandoners with cart content, along with recommendations of best-sellers from the same sub-category as the cart item
  • Retarget Browse Abandoners with items browsed by the user, along with items purchased by others after browsing these same items
  • Retarget search abandoners with the best search results for a recent search performed by the user

Blueshift makes it easy to automate various forms of abandoner re-targeting. Use Blueshift’s segmentation engine to find users who abandoned various events over the last few days or hours.Then, customize your email or push notification templates using one of Blueshift’s several personalization options, including re-targeted content with recommendations.