Blueshift for Tealium Customers


Using Tealium for tracking & routing your customer interaction data?

Now you can use Blueshift’s integration with Tealium to deliver hyper-targeted marketing emails and mobile push notifications

Integrate in one minute or less

Simply enter your Blueshift information on Tealium’s dashboard to get up & running in a few clicks. If you are not a Blueshift customer yet, contact us for getting set up with an API key.

Segment customers on a real-time 360-degree view

Use the behavioral data streamed from Tealium plus more in Blueshift’s segmentation engine.Segments update dynamically in real-time.

Launch Triggered Emails & Mobile Push Notifications

Create personalized triggered campaigns in Blueshift, using event data streamed from Tealium

Content & Product Recommendations For Newsletters & Triggers

Use Blueshift’s Personalization Studio in conjunction with Tealium to create recommendations based on every user interaction.

Insert Dynamic Content into your templates

Blueshift makes it easy to insert user attributes & event attributes in your email & mobile templates, and set up filters & conditions using the Liquid template language

End-to-end reporting, customized to your needs

Not only can you track the basic open & click metrics, but also more advanced downstream conversions and custom metrics. Label any of the events you stream from Tealium as a “custom goal” and track how campaigns are influencing this goal.

Relevant Case Studies and Resources:

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