• Export sanitized event data from event streams, file imports, or data warehouses from Blueshift to Amplitude 
  • Activate focused audiences by syncing customer cohorts from Amplitude back into Blueshift
  • Control your marketing data with a self-serve configuration, eliminating dependencies on tech teams 

Data Analytics

How Amplitude Works

Amplitude is a digital analytics platform that helps companies optimize the business value of digital product innovation. Amplitude Analytics provides you with clear insights on how to improve your product and increase conversion, engagement, and retention. Powered by machine learning, the platform visualizes your customer journey, calls out friction points, and helps you understand behaviors at the deepest level using best-in-class tools.

Activate your customer data

Maximize the Power of Amplitude with Blueshift

Our bi-directional integration enables marketers to utilize Blueshift’s native capabilities, including predictive modeling, personalized messaging and seamless campaign execution, to maximize the impact of targeted audience activation.

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Cross-Channel Hub

Deliver value across every customer interaction. Instantly create cross-channel campaigns that adapt to each customer with Blueshift’s Smart Hub.
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Rich Customer Data

Leverage all your customer data for any use case, data complexity, and volume demand as your brand scales and customer behaviors evolve.
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AI Personalization

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time on the right channel. Use accessible AI to exceed customer expectations at scale.