Unlock and activate the potential of your first-party data from top data warehouses such as Databricks, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, and Amazon Redshift with Blueshift’s integration with Census:

  • Seamlessly combine data from your data warehouses with real-time customer behaviors in Blueshift.
  • Enable unified 360-degree customer profiles that remain consistent across all your tools.
  • Simplifies data activation, allowing for the easy construction of data pipelines and segments without the need for SQL expertise
  • Powers greater personalization by enriching your Blueshift customer profiles with data from your data warehouse.
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How Census Works

Census, the leading Data Activation and Reverse ETL platform, makes it easy to connect your data warehouse to sales, marketing, and other customer-facing tools driving your business. Census transforms the data warehouse into a hub, empowering everyone to take action with trusted, actionable data.


How Our Direct Integration Works

The Census integration empowers Blueshift customers to effortlessly ingest multi-dimensional data tables and views from leading Cloud data warehouses via a user-friendly interface. This enables Blueshift users to ingest valuable customer and event data, unleashing the potential of their first-party data stored within their data warehouses, all without needing assistance from engineering teams.