Customer Data Activation Platform

Activate data, generate ROI

Engage With Intelligence

Personalize customer engagement intelligently

Cater to each customer’s evolving interests and intentions. Adapt every interaction with marketer-accessible AI.

  • “Who”: Predictive Segmentation reaches the right customers
  • “What”: Predictive Recommendations delivers relevant content, products, and offers
  • “Where”: Predictive Channel-of-Choice finds customers where they’re most receptive
  • “When”: Predictive Engage Time connects when they’re most responsive

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Connect Across Channels

Interaction graph

Coordinate customer experiences across every channel

Create adaptive journeys that integrate every channel to intuitively take each customer down the path to purchase.

  • Journey flows: Design uniquely compelling, evolving customer experiences
  • Coordinated channels: Surround customers with relevant, connected messaging across email, SMS, in-app push, website, display, search, direct mail, and chat
  • Audience sync: Message only the right customers across channels

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Action In The Moment

Blueshift: Visual Segment Builder

Move and adapt at the speed of your customers

Meet customers where they are and give them exactly what they’re looking for with real-time, 1:1 messaging that scales

  • Behavior-triggered messaging: Immediately respond to customer behaviors and interests
  • Automated decisioning: Dynamically shape customer journeys with each customer action
  • Self-learning optimization: Campaigns optimize themselves as they run with the help of AI

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Understand Customers Full Circle

Blueshift is the most flexible B2C marketing automation platform purpose built with AI at its core

Rich profiles that evolve with customers

Gain the deepest customer insight, unifying all data sources and types. Always updated and available for use.

  • Real-Time: Up-to-the-second insight into each customer
  • Comprehensive: A single view of each known and anonymous customer and every cross-device interaction.
  • Actionable: Customer behaviors immediately translate into marketing actions

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Ready to Transform Your Marketing with AI?

360-Degree Customer Profiles

Your customer record is no longer static! Customer profiles in Blueshift update in real-time with every customer interaction, to present you a single customer view.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Is your recommendation engine a black box? With Blueshift, marketers can be in full control of their recommendation logic, and deploy it with ease on every channel.

Predictive Segmentation

Tired of pulling lists? Use Blueshift’s predictive segments to zoom in on the right users.

Trigger Based Automation

Say no to batch and blast. Trigger every engagement based on customer behavior.

Ready to Build an AI-Powered Brand?

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