Why Teams of All Sizes Need to Be Using AI for Powerful Results

Why Teams of All Sizes Need to Be Using AI for Powerful Results

For most marketers, hearing the word “AI” might send shivers down their spine — it’s no wonder considering that AI seems to have become the catchall for a super expensive robot who’ll be stealing your job in the next 5 years. The reality of the situation is far from the science fiction of fear-mongering. AI is already a large part of many successful marketers’ lives and it’s what differentiates high-performing teams from the pack. You don’t need to have a budget of epic proportions to make AI a part of your operating rhythm. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have seen powerful results from using AI in their martech stacks.


AI has become a prevalent part of most tech stacks and is especially useful within martech. AI and machine learning are used in everything from data analytics platforms, content management, social media management, and CRM. And of course — within Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP).

AI is not only for large enterprises with big budgets, it can assist marketing teams of all sizes to drive growth and reduce costs. AI was previously seen as a “luxury upgrade” to your tech stack, but as costs lower, AI has become more accessible than ever before. In fact, experts have acknowledged that AI not only cuts costs for businesses but expands the total capacity of what those businesses can achieve with their resources.

In Blueshift’s recent study with Kelton Global, Marketer vs. Martech, marketers reported that 38% of those who’ve implemented AI into their martech stack credit it with automating processes in order to make teams more productive, gave them the ability to run more campaigns, and do more testing with the same resources.


Marketers using Blueshift’s patented-AI have seen a marked improvement in how much and how quickly their team can create. Lean teams are able to do much more with a lot less when they have the power of AI in their hands.

Brooke Young, Senior Marketing Manager at Skillshare, said “AI marketing helps Skillshare’s marketing team appear larger than it is. We are a lean team and having Blueshift helps us present ourselves and speak to our customers in a more sophisticated way like companies 10X our size.”

AnotherBlueshift customer, Vouchercloud, said, “Blueshift’s platform made the process of taking campaigns from idea to execution even quicker” — which frees up marketers to get creative and focus on key goals.