Turning 2019 Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers

Turning 2019 Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers

Though the weather is still warm, the 2019 holiday season is coming quickly. The drive to capture shoppers’ attention and fulfil orders in time for December doesn’t have to be panic-filled. In fact, you can turn first-time holiday buyers into loyal customers, provided you’ve got the right tech behind you. There are simple steps you can take to convert your holiday traffic into growth that continues past Groundhog Day. Here are Blueshift’s tips to turn holiday buyers into loyal customers.


Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last 2 years? That’s no surprise considering 57% of holiday shopping is now digital. In order to capture the slough of browsers and buyers, you’ll need a system that can record and rationalize anonymous browsing with already registered customers. Cookies typically build out profiles of both anonymous and registered users. Though they’re probably checking off their Christmas list, the data they leave behind is often indicative of greater preferences that’s relevant year round.


All of our talk on data collection and user profiles begs a question. How do you bring meaning to this data and build 1:1 profiles around it autonomously? You’ll need systems that can ingest, manage, and route data in and out to any source. This is a job for a Customer Data Infrastructure. They normalize raw data to get it in reliable form before routing that data to different systems. However, while CDIs can connect disparate data from all customer interactions regardless of schema, they don’t provide marketers with a means to actually do anything further with that data.


The key component to a well-oiled martech stack designed turn one time buyers into repeat buyers is an activation piece. This tech models and analyzes your data at a 1:1 level, extracts intelligence, and uses this knowledge to make customer engagement decisions that guide marketing actions across channels. Without it, raw data with little meaningful insights drive your communications, which leads to marketing that falls flat after the holiday lights have come down.


With data activation ready to go, customer data is used to inform custom messaging across every channel. The intelligence derived during activation will push tailored marketing to the right channel, at the right time in such a way that optimizes for engagement and conversion. This holiday season budgets don’t have to be wasted on batch and blast campaigns. Instead, this agile tech stack optimizes communication on an individual level to drive revenue well beyond New Year’s Day. Blueshift helps marketers check off their entire martech shopping list, with a platform that brides industry gaps to delight customers and empower marketers.

Ready to discover your something special for this holiday season? Learn more about our patented AI-powered solution, or chat with our team. Let the countdown to Q4 commence!