True Hospitality When It Matters Most

Three people holding a wooden cutout shaped like a heart

What’s the #1 thing that matters in the hospitality industry? Isn’t it hospitality? Irrespective of having the right combination of amenities, service, management and business formula, what really matters is hospitality in its truest essence. According to, hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or “strangers”.

With floods hitting various parts of the world, it is time for brands to step up and extend true hospitality to those in need. We are pleased to see traditional hospitality companies such as OYO rooms, one of Blueshift’s customers, offer free shelter to strangers stuck in Mumbai rains and Airbnb provide free housing to those affected by #Harvey.

Many brands outside hospitality are also extending their help in unique ways such as Amazon, Walmart, Chobani. Another unexpected example, Anheuser paused making beer to supply water (great example of true hospitality for “strangers”).

Our prayers to those affected by #Harvey #TexasFloods #MumbaiRains and #SouthEastAsia #Floods.

India’s largest hotel network, OYO rooms:


Leading short-term rental company, Airbnb:


For those not familiar with OYO rooms:
OYO rooms is India’s largest hotel network spread across 200 cities with 6500+ hotels offering standardized and hassle-free stay experiences at an unmatched price. Their mission is to change the way people stay away from home.