Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Shift to Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Triggers are 283% More Effective than Single Channel Campaigns

In our 2020 Benchmark Report, we examined how multi-channel campaigns outperform their batch counterparts, with impressive results. Keep reading to find out how well multi-channel campaigns stack up and why it’s critical you bring them into your marketing strategy for 2020.

1. Consumers expect it

As consumers, we’ve all become accustomed to personalized, multi-channel marketing. We no longer accept one-channel shopping as the norm, and we hop from desktop browsers to mobile apps, to in-person stores (and many more) as we make our buying decisions. In fact, not just Blueshift’s research backs up this claim. Blue Nile Research concluded that over 70% of consumers use 3 channels or more when making a single purchase decision.

It’s wonderful that consumers can truly become immersed in your brand across channels, but this can cause slip-ups if you don’t invest in your multi-channel strategy. If you aren’t surfacing the best messaging and content as your customers move from channel to channel, or your brand view becomes disjointed across channels, you have a higher chance of that customer becoming disinterested, disengaged, and moving on.

2. It makes your marketing feel more personal

When moving towards true 1:1 marketing, a cohesive multi-channel strategy is a great place to start. Customers returning to your brand on any channel should feel “at home” and the messaging they receive should be relevant to their needs. Your customers are leaving behind valuable data that will clue you into which channels they’re more receptive to your brand on — while you should market on all available channels, you can save money and get more granular as you capture data across channels to determine which work best for each customer.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Shift to Multi-Channel Marketing

3. Multi-channel campaigns see a 234% higher click-through rate

Compared to single-channel campaigns, campaigns that use multiple channels see much better click rates. When you reach customers everywhere they go, rather than the channel of your choice, they’re much more likely to open and click through your message.

4. Multi-channel campaigns see a 331% higher conversion rate

Piggy-backing off of the increased click rates in multi-channel campaigns, these campaigns also see a much higher rate of conversion. By reaching customers with relevant content across multiple channels, your brand becomes top of mind for customers, which increases the likelihood of purchase.

If you’re interested in reading more of our findings from our 2020 Benchmark Report, download the full report here.