SmartHub CDP Playbook: Increasing Student Engagement with Course Recommendations

SmartHub CDP Playbook: Increasing Student Engagement with Course Recommendations

Over the course of the pandemic, education has shifted rapidly into the online learning space. Now that we’re entering a post-COVID world, that transition isn’t showing signs of stopping — by 2026, the eLearning market is forecasted to reach over $370 billion worldwide. As the eLearning industry continues to evolve, marketers will need to take a fresh approach to their omnichannel marketing strategy to increase student enrollment and ensure student retention for the semesters ahead.

Consider testing out these four essential campaigns for eLearning omnichannel marketing:

  1. A Welcome Series that feels like syllabus week
  2. Triggered campaigns that get students across important milestones
  3. Next best course and learning path progression campaigns
  4. Subscription renewal series to get eLearning students to their next term

In order to successfully implement these campaigns, you’ll need a platform to unify your students’ data. That’s where Blueshift’s SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in — Blueshift not only unifies and activates your data, but it also allows you to orchestrate engaging student experiences in real-time, which is especially important for determining your students’ unique needs, interests, and learning paths.

With Blueshift’s Single Customer View, you can collect real-time insights based on student demographic and behavioral data. Using the power of AI enables you to build and deliver customized 1:1 recommendations to students. As students interact with your brand, Blueshift tailors personalized content and course suggestions based on their individual journeys, resulting in a more engaging student experience and higher student retention rates.

Here are some 1:1 triggers your brand can implement using Blueshift’s SmartHub Customer Data Platform:

  • Class/coursework adjustments and updates to drive student engagement
  • Alerts for new/recommended courses to improve student retention
  • Due date reminders to improve course completion/pass rates

One brand that has used Blueshift to deliver meaningful and informative marketing to students is OpenClassrooms.

“The key selling point of Blueshift was the ability to offer cross channel communications to our user base and our customers, and make sure we were able to store all our data in one tool, and make sure we’re able to know exactly what is being said, to [whom], at what time, without having to look at different reports of different tools.” — Pauline Fumeron, Marketing Automation Manager, OpenClassrooms

OpenClassrooms was able to increase new student registrations as well as existing student retention and graduation rates using Blueshift’s SmartHub Customer Data Platform. By unifying and activating data with a SmartHub Customer Data Platform, eLearning companies have the power to revolutionize education.

The journey to highly personalized, relevant eLearning experiences starts with:

  • The right knowledge and guidelines from recommendations experts
  • The right tool to fully unlock your data, like Blueshift’s SmartHub Customer Data Platform
  • The right recommendations strategy tailored to your online learning platform’s goals