Photobook App, Chatbooks, Grows Customer Engagement by 100% with Sophisticated Event-Triggered Campaigns

Chatbooks logo alongside of an image of a family holding hands at the beach as a wave is coming into shore

Life is full of moments you want to last forever — from first steps to first school dances, photos help us hold those moments close and enjoy them for years to come. And cherished memories deserve a worthy frame. When Chatbooks’ co-founder, Vanessa Quigley, discovered her son’s most prized possession was a homemade scrapbook from his preschool teacher, it sparked an idea. She couldn’t take on another job, but she did regularly post family photos on social media. What if she could turn those into photo books—automatically? Viola, Chatbooks was born.


Chatbooks, a personalized photo book application, aims to strengthen families by helping them hold onto the memories that matter via affordable photo books. Each customer’s journey is truly unique, and the Chatbook team takes that to heart when marketing. As they expanded their photo sources, product lines, and customer base, they needed a solution that would help drive sustained growth by making smarter use of data and scaling unique, personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle.

As the team grew, they realized that their existing email and mobile push providers couldn’t deliver the right customer experiences, and limited their view of their customers. The static data processing of these platforms made the team heavily reliant on their BI team for segmentation and piping in data manually. As a whole, these systems severely limited what they could do with campaigns and personalization.


Chatbooks discovered that Blueshift was their only option for a true partnership that would enable their team to improve customer engagement and drive growth throughout the lifecycle. This was made possible by Blueshift’s scalable, cross-channel capabilities.

“Blueshift allowed us to up-level our campaigns and provide 1-to-1 personalization using dynamic user information,” said Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Stephen Cruz, “We can now focus on high-intent customers that want to hear my message rather than email blasting and annoying my whole customer base. The result? +100% increase in email engagement.”

Within 30 days Blueshift was proving its worth to Chatbooks: customer engagement had already spiked 250%. Three months down the road? Customer LTV was up 7%, retention was up by 10%, and the team was saving 2+ hours a week with their new partner. These fantastic results allowed Chatbooks room to breathe, and the marketing team can now focus on higher priority projects and strategies.


With Blueshift fully onboarded and driving incredible growth in little-to-no time, the Chatbooks team is delighted to further their partnership. Chatbooks is now looking to take the same success it’s had with data-driven automation on email and Push to SMS and improve their primary customer service channel.

Take a deeper look at Chatbooks’ success by reading the full digital case study. Or, if you’re ready to start investigating how AI might help grow your own marketing efforts, you can request a demo.