AI Powered Marketing

AI That Helps You With the Who, What, When and Where of Marketing

Predictive Audience Targeting (Who)

AI Powered Segmentation

Blueshift’s AI computes scores that segment customers based on their likelihood to complete certain actions, or based on customer affinities & preferences. Sample scores include:

  • Purchase intent, customer engagement, customer retention, and customer churn
  • Purchase intent
  • Customer Retention & Churn
  • Category Affinity

Predictive Recommendations (What)

1:1 Content & Offers for Each Customer

Use AI to determine the next best offer, product or content for each customer.

  • Customize Your Recommendation Logic: Adapt the AI to suit your business logic
  • Use Recommendations on Every Channel: Easily deploy on websites, mobile apps and email
  • Measure and Test: Measure user engagement, and optimize

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Predictive Engage Time (When)

The Right Time to Engage Each Customer

Blueshift’s Engage Time Optimization computes windows of time for each user where they are more likely to engage fully, rather than optimizing for immediate opens or clicks. We look at the sum total of time spent by each customer over a long period of time and rank each hour in the day based on time spent and how deep in the conversion funnel they got to.

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Predictive Channel Affinity

Blueshift is the most flexible B2C marketing automation platform purpose built with AI at its core

Engage Customers on Their Preferred Channel

Blueshift’s AI helps optimize across channels.

  • Email
  • Mobile app
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Ads: Display, Facebook, Google
  • Browser push notifications
  • Messaging & chat platforms
  • Direct Mail

Ready to Transform Your Marketing with AI?

360-Degree Customer Profiles

Your customer record is no longer static! Customer profiles in Blueshift update in real-time with every customer interaction, to present you a single customer view.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Is your recommendation engine a black box? With Blueshift, marketers can be in full control of their recommendation logic, and deploy it with ease on every channel.

Predictive Segmentation

Tired of pulling lists? Use Blueshift’s predictive segments to zoom in on the right users.

Trigger Based Automation

Say no to batch and blast. Trigger every engagement based on customer behavior.

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