Marketing in the Modern Age: Mobile Made Easy

Marketing in the Modern Age: Mobile Made Easy

Though many of us say we’re not addicted to our mobile devices, the data says otherwise. In a recent study, 2/3rds of respondents admitted they couldn’t go without their smartphones. And these avid users aren’t just spending their time browsing mobily, they’re spending money too. 79% of mobile users have made mobile purchases in the last 6 months alone, and 40% of Black Friday shopping was done on a mobile device. 

Given these facts, it’s easy to get trapped in the mindset that a fantastic mobile strategy entails investing solely towards app marketing. While important to overall brand strategy, a flashy mobile app sending fervent notifications cannot be mistaken for a solid cross-channel experience. Mobile must be supplemented with insights and actions across all other channels to make the work you put into it meaningful. Mobile’s success is dependent on channels such as email, sms, live-web, and countless others’ correct execution. 

In a perfect world mobile device interactions would be solely in-app, but this is not the case. We check our emails, buy things over mobile web browsers, and sign up for text communications. Suddenly, mobile is complicated. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. There’s a platform that can push you to the forefront of B2C marketing, while simplifying your role as a marketer who thrives off of data: enter Blueshift.

What it means to be “channel agnostic”

Successful 1:1 customer experiences require that brands be channel-agnostic. This entails optimizing communications not towards a marketer’s preferred channel, but towards explicit and implied preferences left behind in customer behaviors. And, you don’t have to have magic powers to unlock this information. The CDAP seamlessly harnesses patented AI to create self-driving customer journeys through the power of data. The system ingests your raw data — all of it. The CDAP builds 360 degree customer profiles that are constantly refreshed with new inputs and feedback from execution channels. Though it sounds complicated, this system has saved marketer’s time, money, and drastically reduced headaches. (Unofficially).

Mobile, modern marketing, made simple

Let’s take customer Sally Smartphone for example. Sally has downloaded your app, woohoo! Legacy journey builders would take this action to build an app-first customer experience. While this is a good guess, it’s far from what would provide optimal value to Sally. With your comprehensive view of Sally, her behaviors, and implicit preferences you can autonomously build her journey optimized for conversion. Though Sally browses and makes her selections via your app, she ultimately does not convert through that channel. Turns out, she’s a bargain hunter who will reference emails for promo codes and click through these to a browser, and purchase there.

A one-size-fits-all journey will not work for Sally, but that doesn’t mean marketers need to sweat. With Blueshift, they can build self-driving customer journeys that constantly delight. We take the guesswork out of journey creation, and let data drive. Name your triggers, input creatives, and Blueshift can take care of the rest. We believe data-powered marketing shouldn’t need a data-science degree.

Ready to realize the power of customer data across your mobile strategy and beyond? Connect with our team to learn more, and get into the Blueshift platform.