Make Money Moves for Your Personal Finance Company with Unique Customer Journeys

Make Money Moves for Your Personal Finance Company with Unique Customer Journeys

Since customers are only in-market for new financial products infrequently, competition is fierce with competitors inundating the same customers with offers. Adding to the challenge, the long runway to cross-sells creates breaks in engagement and results in wasted marketing spend to reacquire customers.

It’s especially important for personal finance marketers to not only create campaigns focused on driving leads and converting customers, but also to build an ongoing relationship as a trusted financial advisor who guides customers to make the best choices throughout their financial life stages. That includes creating educational, evergreen content to help customers improve their credit scores, find additional savings, and help them make smarter financial choices that help them reach their goals faster.


5 Essential Personal Finance Campaigns

To become a trusted advisor for your personal finance customers, create engaging omnichannel campaigns that are personally tailored to your customers and help them meet their long-term financial goals.

Here are five essential omnichannel campaigns for personal finance companies:

1. Multi-Touch Welcome Campaign

Use customer behaviors and their financial profile to tailor the messages within the welcome series to what’s most relevant for each customer’s financial objectives.

2. Weekly Educational Newsletter

Continue to provide ongoing value and deepen relationships by delivering regular content and tools to help them reach their financial goals.

3. Reactivation Series

Reengage inactive customers with content tailored to their financial lifestage, stated financial goals, and/or what they are likely to be in-market for next.

4. Cross-Sell Campaign

Drive customers to their next purchase by utilizing past purchase history, browsing behavior, lifestage, and insight into what similar customers purchased.

5. Abandoned Action Campaign

Set up campaigns that automatically trigger when a drop-off in the buying process takes place and make it easy for customers to pick up where they left off.

“If you’re really thinking about how to customize to the nth degree, you have to go with a platform like Blueshift that has all the tools to make robust journeys smarter and customer engagement more effective. You have the ability to coordinate and personalize multiple channels in a customer journey at the push of a button.” – Joyce Poole, Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree


5 Smart Blueshift Features for Personal Finance

To make the campaigns above a reality, you need a marketing platform that can collect and activate your customer data while establishing your personal finance company as a trusted authority your customers can depend on for years to come. That’s where Blueshift comes in.

Check out these five capabilities within Blueshift that you can implement as a part of your marketing strategy:

  1. Actionable Customer Profiles unify rich data gathered from form fills, web behavior, product interactions, and more and make it actionable for targeting and messaging across channels.
  2. Advanced Segmentation lets the team easily build granular segments based on any combination of user attributes from the credit profile as well as custom attributes and events.
  3. Campaign Journey Builder enables the team to easily create and launch sophisticated omnichannel journeys that trigger off key events, such as changes in credit score, and signals from web behavior to create real-time, connected experiences.
  4. External Fetch allows them to confidently deliver relevant, timely messages with accurate, real-time information by dynamically populating the message at the time of open.
  5. Insights makes it easy to build reports and dashboards and share with key stakeholders to provide quick insights into performance.


Enlist the Right Customer Engagement Platform

It’s clear that ecommerce isn’t going anywhere; between the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2021, the share of ecommerce in total U.S. retail sales rose from 4.2% to 13%. Even with fluctuations in different quarters of 2021, revenue from ecommerce sales continues to grow steadily over time and show promise for future growth beyond current trends.

As customers put away their paper shopping lists and rely on social media, apps, and hybrid options (such as curbside pickup) instead, your brand can either reject these shifts in favor of more traditional retail experiences or get ahead of the pack with a more innovative omnichannel approach. If you’re ready to adapt and meet (or even exceed) your brand’s goals, you need an intelligent customer engagement platform that is robust, flexible, and scalable — one that can evolve alongside your brand.

“Blueshift has provided us with a robust data activation platform to track onsite user activity married with customer purchase activity, allowing us to truly achieve 1:1 personalization. The capabilities of the platform have far exceeded our expectations. The implementation team has gone above and beyond to ensure we extract maximum value from our investment.” – Houman Akhavan, Chief Marketing Officer,

With Blueshift, you can unify and activate your customer data to create personalized experiences across every marketing channel. Whether users engage with your brand on social media platforms, through email campaigns, or by clicking around your website, Blueshift’s omnichannel capabilities allow you to deliver dynamic 1:1 recommendations at every step of the customer journey.