LUMA Capital Partners Invests in Blueshift

Luma and Blueshift logos

I am excited to share with you that LUMA Capital Partners recently co-led our Series A financing round and that LUMA’s Carey Lai has joined our Board as an observer.

The LUMA team is led by some of the world’s smartest and most experienced mar-tech investors and advisors. We could not be more pleased by this alignment because it is validation of our category and market position. Carey brings incomparable experience helping scale companies like Sprinklr and Gigya.


LUMA’s team believe, as we do, that Cross Channel 1:1 Mass Personalization is one of the most important themes for mar-tech in 2016. Marketers know that mass personalization can drive substantial revenue through higher conversions, as well as deliver a delightful consumer experience. However, in order to reach this promised land, marketers need to be able to harness large amounts of real-time and historical data to understand the user’s full context in real-time, select the right content for that context, and deliver the personalized marketing message across different channels. The challenge is especially hard at scale for consumer (B2C or e-commerce) marketers who have a large library of content/merchandise, as well as millions of highly engaged web and mobile visitors.

Traditionally, marketing organizations have not directly been able to tap into the power of big data and machine learning to automate hyper-personalized marketing. As a result, most forms of automated marketing today feel too robotic with a generic message, and don’t communicate a personalized story.

Blueshift’s approach finally changes that. Blueshift enables marketers to create dynamically updating segments of customers based on behavioral & predictive factors, and with a few clicks, select various forms of personalized content ranging from collaborative filtering & retargeting to user affinity based content. Without any involvement from IT, marketers can now create sophisticated campaigns on channels like email, mobile push notifications, SMS, Facebook, display retargeting, and more. At the same time, the platform comes with powerful APIs that can be leveraged by large enterprises to enhance existing marketing technology systems. We are excited to be already executing on this vision at scale.

Look out for more exciting news ahead. If you’re as excited about personalized marketing as we are, and are looking to join a small, accomplished group building the future of this fast growing space, Blueshift is hiring! Head on over to