How to Perfect the Patient Experience with a SmartHub CDP

How to Perfect the Patient Experience with a SmartHub CDP

As a world grows increasingly digital, no industry or vertical seems to go untouched by digital transformation. Most businesses are taking steps to thrive in a world where customer experience trends are dominated by businesses like Amazon and Netflix. Any organization that serves customers or users will have to adapt to survive in our new digital reality — even those whose identity has been primarily in the “in-person” space.

As businesses navigate a socially distanced world, they’ll need to rely more and more on the flexibility virtual experiences can provide. Healthcare is one of those verticals taking a surprising turn into the digital world, but there is a fantastic opportunity to improve patient experience and encourage a more open relationship between patients and healthcare providers with the power of customer data, AI, and the SmartHub CDP. 

How healthcare can be transformed with the power of data

Before you can create any of your dream campaigns or improve upon your digital patient experience, it’s critical that your data is collected, organized, and stored in a reliable and private fashion. Think of your patient data as the foundation of your marketing stack, none of the beautiful architecture you have planned is possible without a solid base.

Once you’ve selected all of your relevant data sources such as CRMs, transactional databases, and behavioral databases, you’re now ready to select a central intelligence hub for this data to be routed, such as the SmartHub CDP. The SmartHub’s CDP component can receive data from any source and unify all the different sources into what we call Single Customer View — these then inform any messaging sent out by marketers.

These secure patient profiles give healthcare marketers the chance to completely transform the way they interact and communicate with patients. Every call made, appointment scheduled, or advice literature read is accessible in one location to better understand what each patient needs.

Eliminate friction for a seamless patient experience

Using the Single Customer View you can begin to build out better campaigns for your patients. This requires a secure, sophisticated marketing platform that can build custom journeys across all your channels. The SmartHub CDP doesn’t just stop at data unification. Their platform runs the Single Customer View through AI algorithms to build 1:1 patient journeys that respect privacy while also elevating the healthcare experience.

With this information easily accessible and leveraged within journey building, you can create campaigns filled with personalization that makes the patient experience seamless and effective. The SmartHub CDP’s transparent AI allows marketers to select which factors to look at which would mean that they would be able to tell the system which fields to stay away from, and what content is safe to include within marketing comms.

Personalized, respectful comms that promote healthy habits

The final key to the puzzle is security and respect — Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP has already helped businesses within secure industries like healthcare and finance improve their customer experience and drive growth.

With the SmartHub CDP, it’s easy to strike the balance between personalization and privacy (with our HIPAA and SOC2 certifications) — the platform allows marketers to get granular and specific with marketing messages without risking divulging private/non-security compliant information.