Create Streamlined Multi-Channel Browsing Experiences with Blueshift’s Deep Links

Create Streamlined Multi-Channel Browsing Experiences with Blueshift’s Deep Links

With any message marketers send, the piece of content is rarely the intended final destination for customers. We craft compelling, customized messaging in order to lead our customers to click-through and journey farther down the funnel. It’s critical that any links marketers include within their content work properly and get customers to their intended (virtual) destination. To further enhance the customer experience Blueshift marketers provide, we’re rolling out our enhanced Blueshift Deep Links.


Blueshift Deep Links (iosandroid) provide a way for customers to jump to a specific page, or location, inside your app from other channels.  Deep Links work with any channel such as EmailPush, SMS, Live Content, or Cloud Apps and can link back to any desired page on your brand’s site or application. This means the links sent via chat by your customer support team, marketing team, and regardless of device, will all be hyper-accurate and further enhance the customer experience.


Create Streamlined Multi-Channel Browsing Experiences with Blueshift’s Deep Links


Blueshift Deep Links allow customers to easily move from emails, push notifications, and other coms directly onto specific pages within your site or mobile app. This seamless process allows the customer experience to feel as fluid and natural as possible, while still enabling marketers to have full control over where customers land.

This is especially critical for the multi-channel journey on mobile devices where customers are quickly shifting from their inbox to mobile browsers to applications. Your brand experience should feel consistent and require as few steps as possible to purchase — mobile users are looking for a simplified and cohesive buying experience.

Blueshift deep links example


Our enhanced Deep Links enable marketers to point users to the optimal destination inside a mobile app on any OS, whether they’re running on iOS or Android, to ensure smooth end-to-end experiences and seamless channel-to-app experiences for every customer.


For eCommerce marketers, abandoned carts are a common trigger for messaging — and an easy way to get customers browsing again. Marketers can follow up with users that have abandoned a cart by sending a deep link across push or SMS that brings the user directly to the product they abandoned, or their cart, within the app. Without a deep link, customers would have to manually locate the item, which adds a ton of friction to the experience and decreases the likelihood of purchase.


The real estate industry moves fast — the gems can get snatched up very quickly. For companies that feature housing listings, it’s important to keep customers apprised of these constantly changing listings. Use Blueshift’s Single Customer Views to get a comprehensive profile of each house hunter’s unique wants and alert them immediately when a listing pops up that matches their needs. Send timely alerts with Deep Links like:

  • Price drop alerts — If you user opts or stay updated about a specific home: price drops and sends you an alert and takes the user directly to the home in the app.
  • Lease renewal reminders — Take customers directly to the form for easy renewal (all the needed information already filled in with information with the Single Customer View) and a streamlined process.
Media and Entertainment

As a media consumer, the wealth of options can seem overwhelming and it can be difficult to land on our perfect binge-watch match. Make selecting your user’s next favorite show or movie a breeze with AI-powered recommendations:

  • New TV shows — Recommend new and fresh shows based on historical watch records from the Single Customer View. Easily push these recommendations out through emails, push messages, and more to take the users directly to the show they’ve selected from your round-up.
  • ‘Keep watching’ reminders — Take users directly to the show they’ve ‘abandoned’ and resume playback from exactly where they left off for a frictionless experience.