Building the Personalized Emails of Your Dreams has Never Been Simpler: Meet our Enhanced Creative Studio for Email

Building the Personalized Emails of Your Dreams has Never Been Simpler: Meet our Enhanced Creative Studio for Email

Creating engaging emails that get noticed by your customers is no easy feat. Add in the complexity of adhering to brand guidelines, surfacing dynamic content, and personalizing emails to the level consumers expect, and it becomes difficult for even the most sophisticated teams. So how can marketers deliver the 1:1 emails that drive business growth without having to rely on additional resources or external tools? With a robust, flexible Creative Studio for Email that makes the email template creation, iteration, and personalization process seamless.

We’re excited to announce we enhanced our Creative Studio for Email to significantly expedite template creation workflows and help your emails drive action by providing every tool you need. Your favorite features, including our drag-n-drop template editor, brand asset storage, and template library, just got even better with a revamped interface that further streamlines template creation and helps optimize email campaign performance. Our enhanced Creative Studio for Email includes:

  • Revamped user interface
  • Shared assets in email subject lines and customizable preheader text
  • Advanced customer template previews
  • Email template click heatmaps
  • Email template versioning
Abandon Search New UI screen

Streamline Workflows with our Revamped User Interface

Our enhanced Creative Studio for Email makes creating personalized, on-brand emails a breeze by providing quick access to all the capabilities and information you need in a few clicks. With a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, you can rapidly build, test, and optimize every component of your emails to make sure they are performing to the fullest. Our updated interface is broken down into 5 tabs so you can quickly navigate across your email workflows.

  • The Properties tab provides template details such as the template name, version, associated tags, and campaigns the template is used in. This is also where you set guidelines for using the template in a campaign.
  • The Content tab lets you customize templates to your business-specific needs and brand guidelines through a drag-and-drop or HTML editor. In addition to creating content for the email body, here you can customize the subject line and preheader text.
  • The Data tab allows you to view recommendation blocks, external fetches via API, and any sample events associated with an email template. Additionally, you can preview the content of your emails across devices and screen sizes.
  • The Test Send tab allows you to send test emails to ensure your emails are rendering correctly.
  • The Engagement tab provides you access to customer click engagement at a template level. Here you can view what customers are clicking on to better understand the high-performing elements and what resonates with customers.
New Creative Studio UI screen

Create Dynamic Subject Lines that Adapt to Each Customer

Shared Asset in Subject Line makes it easy to reuse subject lines across emails, eliminating the need to create separate subject lines for each template. It also ensures your emails grab customer’s attention and get opened by dynamically personalizing subject lines to what’s most relevant and enticing to each customer given their affinities, attributes, and real-time behaviors. For example, if an online e-learning company has students across a variety of countries such as Sweden, France, and the United States, by using Shared Asset in Subject Line in your welcome series, you can be sure each subject line will be automatically updated and localized to that market.

Shared Assets screenshot

Shared Asset in Subject Line can be set up in a few clicks. Go to the shared asset tab, click “create new asset”, select Subject Line, and click save. Once a Subject Line Shared Asset is added to an email template, Blueshift automatically computes the most enticing, relevant subject line for every customer.

Then, with Customizable Preheader Text, marketers have the same power as if they were building email templates in HTML, providing complete control over each element and options for optimization per your template needs. Preheader text can be effortlessly customized to your needs by simply typing your intended text in a drop-down field directly in the Visual or HTML editors. In a simple text field in the Content tab, you can customize the preheader to anything you’d like and it will automatically be reflected in the template.

Ensure Emails Personalize The Way You Designed

With our improved Template Previewer, you can go beyond viewing what templates will look like across mobile, desktop, or tablet — but also across any customizable width. We’ve added a ‘Responsive Width’ that enables you to customize and test any width with a resizable scroller to make sure emails render correctly.

Email preview send screenshot

Then, take your quality control to the next level by precisely selecting who or what you want to preview rather than trying to find a specific customer’s email address. Blueshift enables you to view templates based on any user, segment, or customer attribute within a few clicks.

Find a Customer by Email Address

In the “Find a Customer” drop-down, simply select any user attribute beyond email address including Phone Number, Custom Events, Predictive Scores, Customer LTV, and more. Once you’ve defined your criteria, you can scroll through any number of customers by clicking the preview arrow to make sure templates are optimized for every scenario. This saves you significant time by no longer needing to do multiple searches for customers or finding the correct event you want a preview for.

Find a Customer Matching certain attributes screenshot

Optimize Performance with Click Heatmaps

Once email campaigns are up and running, we’ve made analyzing and optimizing email template performance a breeze. With Click Heatmaps, you get immediate insight into not only core metrics, but to what customers are clicking on at the template level — giving you a deeper understanding into which elements of your email templates drive the most engagement so you can continuously improve upon them. Quality control and making sure your templates are performing the way you intended has never been simpler.

This may seem easy at first, but for brands that have large content and product catalogs, it’s extremely difficult to analyze what customers click on. Unlike other solutions that limit you to only view static content, Blueshift’s Heatmap allows you to analyze dynamic content because we overlay the heatmap at the user level. Blueshift Email Click Heatmaps automatically capture real-time click engagement data to help you understand what customers are interacting with.

Email heatmap example

Rapidly Iterate with Template Versioning

With Email Template Versioning, you can effortlessly compare template versions, as well as revert back individual components. It’s simple to access and compare previous elements such as subject lines, preheaders, tags, shared assets, recommendation blocks, and more. Every time a change is made to an email template, Blueshift automatically saves the latest version for you. You can add notes of the updates that were made to each saved version so when you compare two templates, your reminders are readily available.

Abandoned Browse Recommendations page screenshot

At any time you can revert back elements, saving significant time by no longer having to recreate parts of your templates. If you know which elements outperform others, they can easily switch them out to make it the best performing template possible.

Our enhanced Creative Studio for Email makes you the most efficient possible with an all-in-one tool that provides the ability to create, personalize, test, and optimize every component of your email templates. Email workflows shouldn’t be burdensome. Easily deliver more engaging, personalized emails to your customers with Blueshift.