Blueshift + Sinch: Supercharge Two-Way Conversations With AI

Blueshift and Sinch partnership

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Fully 85% of American adults own at least one smartphone, according to Pew Research. About three in 10 adults under age 30 say they are dependent on their smartphones, while 44% of 18-49 year olds go online almost constantly

This is both great news and not so great news for marketers: Great in that consumers are engaged and ready for outreach via SMS and social apps; but not so great in that there are so many other distractions vying for your customers’ attention. How do you rise above the noise and win and sustain your customers’ valuable time? 


Meaningful Engagements Start With Personalization

This is where hyper-personalization is key. Our friends at Sinch, whose cloud communications platform powers meaningful engagements at scale across messaging, voice, and email, found that almost 80% of companies have or will implement conversational customer engagement to improve customer experience. 

Yet, while businesses do reach out to customers, there’s a danger that some brands are unintentionally ignoring consumers when they don’t respond to customers’ replies. According to Sinch, 89% of the consumers it surveyed want to initiate and reply to two-way conversations with businesses via multiple mobile and social channels. But 53% recalled a frustrating time when they discovered they could not reply to a mobile message sent from a business. 


Blueshift + Sinch: Trigger Intelligent Two-Way Conversational Engagements

Sinch’s research amplifies the imbalance between consumers’ desire for more intimate digital brand interactions and the limitations of brands’ current one-way messaging realities. That’s why the teams at Blueshift and Sinch have gotten together to integrate Sinch’s Conversation APIs into the Blueshift App Hub and Journey Builder. The result means that marketers can trigger intelligent two-way conversational engagements at the right moments in a customer’s journey. 

Brands can drive engagement and commerce through helpful nudges such as back-in-stock updates, price drop alerts, product recommendations and more on conversational channels. Marketers can easily orchestrate a unified experience across conversational channels and traditional marketing channels like email, paid media, and mobile notification. 

Sinch’s Conversation API is a single, unique API through which businesses can communicate with people over multiple mobile channels such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, MMS, RCS and WhatsApp.

Our partnership with Sinch means that brands can now initiate and engage in two-way conversations with customers at scale. So not only can you engage them with highly personalized messages, you will also be able to respond to them anywhere they are across social apps and mobile communications. 

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Jason Shugars is head of global partnerships at Blueshift.