Blueshift Raises $30 Million Series C Funding Round

The Blueshift team has very exciting news to share: we’ve raised a $30 million Series C financing round, led by Fort Ross Ventures, along with Avatar Growth Capital.

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Need For Speed

Need for Speed: Why Marketing needs to Adapt to High Velocity Data

This holiday retailing season, as customers shopping preferences shift, will you still be marketing to them using stale data?   With the rise of mobile devices, and the “always-on” user, the amount of time spent on the internet…
Tealium Integration

Tealium Integration

We are excited to announce that Blueshift is now available in the Tealium Tag Marketplace. Tealium is just one of the many ways of streaming real-time events to Blueshift.  
Segment Logo

Integration with Segment.com

We are excited to announce a new integration with Segment. Blueshift supports a variety of ways to send event data, and Segment.com is the latest addition. Read more about it on Segment's blog.  
stickiness and repeat customers

Cultivating Stickiness and Repeat Behavior With Mobile Commerce Apps

Brand-loyalty & stickiness of customers have long been a problem for e-commerce, especially with price comparison on the web. However, in the new age of mobile commerce, early data is suggesting that apps might just be the cure that the…
Mobile ecom done right

Mobile E-commerce Done Right!

In 2014 the number of mobile users exceeded desktop users for the first time, accounting to 52.1% of all online traffic. (IBM report) This marked an important shift for marketers and how they communicate with their customers. The challenge facing…
Referral Marketing

5 Tips to Reignite Referral Marketing

Referral marketing, or also known as word-of-mouth marketing, happens organically by enthusiastic or satisfied customers, but it can also be influenced by companies with the right strategy. You would naturally trust a friend’s opinion more…
Connecting Hive Spark on AWS

The Case For Predictive Segmentation – Part 1 of 2

Retention & Growth marketers are often interested in taking action on a segmented base of users. Classic segmentation methods include Lifecycle based segments: new, active, lapsed etc. Behavioral segments based on user behavior…
Push Notifications

5 Essentials For E-commerce Push Notifications

Mobile commerce is growing much faster than ecommerce. Mobile apps are not only extending commerce beyond the desktop, but also enabling new e-commerce use cases like  on-demand services. However, e-commerce apps tend to have much lower…
Customer engagement

How To Drive Customer Engagement This Cyber Monday [Infographic]

The phrase "Cyber Monday" first made an appearance in 2005, in a Shop.org press release entitled "'Cyber Monday. Nine years later, it has become a quintessential part of our culture. Here are some ways brands and retailers can engage their customers…
Cyber Monday

4 tips for #CyberMonday

It's that time of the year, when everyone in the Ecommerce world gets warm and fuzzy about delivering delightful savings to customers (and in turn, logging their biggest day of the year)! We have dug through tweets from 2013 to help you avoid…
predictive lifecycle marketing


In the previous post in this series, we had talked about the early evolution of predictive models for customer response and lifetime value. In this second part, we will talk about how marketers can improve or influence lifetime value through…
Connecting Hive Spark on AWS

Connecting Hive and Spark on AWS in five easy steps

Hive and Spark are great tools for big data storing, processing and mining. They are usually deployed individually in many organizations. While they are useful on their own the combination of them is even more powerful. Here is the missing HOWTO…