Blueshift Raises $30 Million Series C Funding Round

The Blueshift team has very exciting news to share: we’ve raised a $30 million Series C financing round, led by Fort Ross Ventures, along with Avatar Growth Capital.

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Leveraging Blueshift and Criteo for Hyper-Accurate Audience Targeting

Advertisers and marketers (and by extension adtech and martech) used to live in relatively separate worlds. Email marketers and advertisers may have had similar backgrounds, but their operating ethos and day to day were very different. Now,…
1:1 personalization

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs 1:1 Personalization

Chances are, if you’re a marketer in 2020, you’re executing some form of personalization, but it might not be 1:1 personalization. Businesses of 5 to 500 can now easily customize comms as the barrier to entry for CRM, ESP, and automation…
consumer statistics

Surprising New Consumer Statistics for Great Marketing

Though marketers are the creative engines of business, they’re not immune to playing the numbers game much like everyone else. KPIs mark how well internal strategies are paying off and performance metrics can give a more granular view into…

Marketer vs. Martech: Majority of Marketers Poised for Failure in 2020

It’s safe to say that most — if not all — marketers are feeling the heat of a quickly changing landscape, whether it be personalization expectations, the increasing (and counter-intuitive) demands of data security and governance, or even…
customer data

Using Customer Data for Real Authenticity

Customer data shows shoppers crave "authenticity". This adjective has become more popular in the business world as of late, but it’s always been a key factor of how we decide whether or not we like a brand. Whether or not we even trust that…
customer data platform

Customer Data Platforms: Separating Hype from Honesty

Chances are, if you’re a marketer, data scientist, or engineer in 2020 you’ve heard of Customer Data Platforms. You may even have a Google alert set for CDPs (many of us here at Blueshift do) and the sheer volume of content being produced…
data-driven marketing

How to Build a Winning Data-Driven Marketing Team

At Blueshift, we’re invested in helping data-driven marketers in every aspect of their career. Not only do we pride ourselves if offering forward-thinking tech that makes data activation and AI-powered marketing pain-free, but also provide…
cx customer experience

CX Trends That Consumers Love

Virtually all businesses have been touched by digital transformation in 2020 — it’s nearly impossible to operate apart from the online world. From the corner deli, to multi-billion dollar corporations, it’s been a slow journey to having…

Data Activation’s Impact on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools at both B2B and B2C companies’ disposal. Both paid and organic campaigns are an extremely lucrative way for businesses of all sizes to reach new customers, re-target, and convert valuable brand…

3 Ways Online Data Can Influence In-Person Experiences

We may only be a couple months into 2020, but we’re already well underway with making predictions and gathering insights about the decade that lies ahead — especially in terms of the future of marketing. Mid-January, the National Retail…

5 Ways to Mobilize Your Customer Data

The twenty-teens were all about collecting data — from CRMs to CDPs countless companies invested in the gathering of data and effective organization solutions. The collection and organization of data are incredibly important, but it isn't…

Building Brand Loyalty That Lasts a Lifetime

Brand loyalty is the ever-elusive goal most companies build entire business programs around. The path for a band of loyal customers used to be much clearer — provide top-notch products your customers love and they’ll reward you with unwavering…