CDPs vs. Marketing Automation Platforms: What Marketers Need to Know

Let’s dive into the Customer Data Platform (CDP) versus the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), and the impact each of these platforms can have on your business.

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Marketer vs Martech: Your Tech Stack Is Broken If You Aren’t Able to Bring Strategies to Life

Many marketers went into their jobs with the preconceived notion that it would entail flexing their creative muscles. But reality paints a completely different picture of what consumes the average marketer’s day-to-day. Wrangling tech issues,…

Blueshift Leads CDP and Marketing Automation Categories in G2’s Spring 2020 Grid Report

We’re thrilled to report that Blueshift was once again named a CDP and Marketing Automation leader in G2’s latest Grid Report. This is the second report in a row that has recognized us as a leading authority in these categories, and we couldn’t…

4 Ways to Increase ROI During Economic Uncertainty, Part 2: Using AI

This is part two of the series, 4 Ways to Increase ROI During Economic Uncertainty, Using AI. Chief Growth Officer, Josh Francia, writes from the perspective of a business leader who’s achieved success throughout myriad economic struggles,…

4 Things Your Marketing Needs to Achieve True Personalization

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it — customers want 1:1 personalization from their favorite brands. Marketers want to provide these experiences as well because they bolster brand efforts, foster loyalty, and increase revenue all in one…

4 Ways to Increase ROI During Economic Uncertainty, Part 1: Using Customer Data

Before coming to Blueshift to serve as Chief Growth Officer, I’ve seen success throughout my career during economically challenging times. In 2008 during the Great Recession and 2010 when a volcanic eruption halted air travel, I led a marketing…

How To Set Triggered Messages for Better Engagement

Time and time again, consumers have proven that they love (and will spend more for) agile experiences. Businesses who win over the most customers and keep them purchasing over and over are often the ones who react to consumers’ demands, wants,…

Marketer vs. Martech: Your Stack is Broken if You Aren’t Marketing Like a Mind Reader

Every time a customer interacts with a brand, be it on a website, a social media profile, over email, text message, or even via offline channels, they leave behind crumbs of information. Collectively, these crumbs can add up to individual profiles…

What’s the Real ROI of Data Activation?

Marketers need to be smart with their technology investments — martech can be extremely resource-intensive (both in budget and time) to pull off. So, it’s important to be aware of ROI when entering a buying cycle for a new platform. ROI…

Leveraging Loyalty Programs for Greater Lifetime Value

There’s a very good chance you’re a part of one —if not many— loyalty programs. They are a fantastic way for customers to track their purchases and earn rewards, so it’s no wonder they’re well-loved by shoppers. But, the advantage…

Introducing Predictive Channel Engagement Scores

Blueshift, for nearly 6 years, has been proud to offer cutting edge technologies that enable marketers to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Three years ago, Blueshift launched its Predictive Engagement Models…

Marketer vs. Martech: Your Tech Stack Is Broken If It’s Full of Unused Data

If there’s one thing marketers can be sure of, both now and for the foreseeable future, it’s that data rules everything. Or, at least it should. The sheer amount of data available today is immeasurable and the collection of it is similarly…

Leveraging Blueshift and Criteo for Hyper-Accurate Audience Targeting

Advertisers and marketers (and by extension adtech and martech) used to live in relatively separate worlds. Email marketers and advertisers may have had similar backgrounds, but their operating ethos and day to day were very different. Now,…