3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs 1:1 Personalization

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs 1:1 Personalization

Chances are, if you’re a marketer in 2020, you’re executing some form of personalization, but it might not be 1:1 personalization. Businesses of 5 to 500 can now easily customize comms as the barrier to entry for CRM, ESP, and automation tools has lowered. As consumers, we have come to expect personalization like, “Hiya <<insert your name here>>!”, but that isn’t the kind of personalization that carries much weight. 

Consumers crave compelling and meaningful personalization that enhances the customer journey, rather than personalization that’s become a rather cliche add on. And while things like adding in names and other tidbits of information are great, it’s not the key to establishing a really great marketing program. 1:1 marketing might seem ultra-futuristic, but the time to bring it into your marketing strategy is now.


When marketing in a crowded space, it might seem like it takes a lot to differentiate a business, but the answer is pretty simple. Join the 5% of marketers delivering true 1:1 personalization to rise above the competition and wow your customers — old and new. That means 95% of marketers aren’t delivering the data-driven experiences that customers want and your team can capitalize on being an early adopter of this technology.

While AI-powered, tailored personalization might seem like a resource-heavy (both in talent and dollars) project, it’s much more accessible than you think. It doesn’t take a Netflix and Amazon sized business to yield the same results in customer experience. Organizations of all sizes have been able to utilize the advantages of advanced personalization. Blueshift customer Suiteness’ lean team of marketers needed a technology partner that could deliver upon their lofty goals, while still being accessible for a smaller organization. The result? 70% growth in conversions from email and 2x growth in bookings, in less than a year.


Have you ever gotten a “Hey %fIrSt nAmE%” in an email, been recommended a product you’ve already bought, and other personalization flubs? You’re not alone. In fact, it happens so often we’ve been able to make a #Personalization #Fails series from hilarious tweets documenting poor customer experiences. And though it might be good for a chuckle from consumers, it’s no laughing matter for marketers. At Blueshift, we know these mistakes happen more often than not due to sub-technology, rather than marketer error.

These problems arise from a broken, fragmented tech stack. The first step in delivering 1:1 personalization is to unify all of your existing data into single view customer profiles. Platforms like Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform autonomously and continuously sync customer data into live views of each and every customer. From there, our patented AI and machine learning processing determine the best message, at what time, and on which channel for every single customer — without marketers lifting a finger. You can learn more about the data activation process, and how it can help you reach your goals in our activation blog series.


Nothing can replace a solid voice and a compelling brand story. Curating those and angling those stories to respond to changing consumer perspectives and needs will continue to be the most important job marketers have. 1:1 personalization via data activation isn’t aiming to replace those stories, but rather aid in telling them. Our CDAP was purposely built to help overworked, non-technical marketers step out of pseudo data science roles and back into the creative capacity where they thrive. Think of tailored personalization as the premium gasoline that makes a sports car so fun to drive.