3 Reasons Why 2020 Is Your Year to Adopt AI

Reason 2/3: AI is the best way to manage an ever-growing amount of data

Though the concept of AI can seem as futuristic as teleportation, the reality is that AI already plays a huge role in business today. It’s streamlined operations, helped revolutionize brick and mortar customer experiences, and changed the way we market to consumers. For early adopters of AI, they’ve been able to charge light years ahead of their competition and change the way they do business for the better. 

Today, over a third of businesses are using AI to replicate that same revolution for themselves, and that number will only grow in the coming years. Still unsure AI is feasible for your team? Check out the top 3 reasons 2020 is your year to adopt AI.


We don’t mean to scare you, but the past few years have seen a rapid adoption of AI, or AI- powered technologies across almost every sector and vertical. AI deployments have risen by 270% during the last four years alone. Not only has AI adoption made their employees jobs easier and less time consuming, but their customers can also mark the change in service they’re receiving. With the addition of AI, chatbots have become a huge part of customer service improvements. You don’t need round the clock employee coverage if AI can answer frequently asked customer questions, and those questions can be answered quicker than ever before — which is a win win for the businesses and their loyal customers.

To break away from the noise of their competitors to become one of the most popular coupon sites in the United Kingdom, Vouchercloud turned to Blueshift’s AI-powered marketing solution. Bringing Blueshift onboard has allowed Vouchercloud to balance recommending their best, most relevant deals while also taking into account advertisements and paid space on their site. It’s impossible to do manually, and at scale — and so AI was their missing link to aligning businesses processes and marketing goals.


Consumers leave behind over 2 quintillion bytes of data each day, and it’s up to already overworked data scientists and marketers to make sense of it all. 73% of technical professionals admit that over a quarter of their time is taken up managing, cleaning, and/or labeling data. That’s time spent ironing out kinks in data pipelines that could be better used developing in-house tech or designing exciting experiences for customers. And in organizations with small (or non-existent) engineering teams, marketers are often called upon to fill pseudo data science rolls to understand and use this data.

A quarter of professionals claim that their barrier to adopting AI is that they believe they don’t have the technical resources or right technical staff to bring it on board. In earlier stages of AI adoption this hesitancy to buy into the new technology was most likely warranted, AI-powered platforms required a lot of hands-on work to get up and running. Today, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. AI is becoming more “self-service” and non-technical employees are using it in their day to day, without constant feedback from data science teams. Blueshift user, Brooke Young, from Skillshare had this to say of our marketer-friendly artificial intelligence, “AI marketing helps Skillshare’s marketing team appear larger than it is. We are a lean team and having Blueshift helps us present ourselves and speak to our customers in a more sophisticated way like companies 10X our size.”


Customers are demanding more personalized experiences — and these experiences are now easier than ever to deliver thanks to AI, which can predict intent and affinity of even the most picky shopper. Besides suggesting similar products to ones customers have bought or viewed, AI can analyze what browser engage with the most, and with this data, can create the most personalized experience for your most high-value customers. (Imagine Amazon’s endless scroll of recommendations on your site — it’s possible!)

True 1:1 personalization is built on the back of your customer data. Discover how solutions, like Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform are making the most previously untapped customer data, and using the power of AI to activate this data for amazing customer experiences across every channel.