Blueshift Raises $15M Series-B Investment

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Unified View of Customers Across Platforms and Channels
Real-Time Behavior

From anonymous to a known user, Blueshift tracks all customer data across your website and mobile app in real time. Understand who each of your customers is and market to them in-the-moment to drive greater engagement and higher conversions.

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Unlimited Customer Attributes

Every CRM attribute from your app/site is updated in Blueshift in real-time. There is no limit on the number of user attributes, and user attributes can be added dynamically with no schema definition.

3rd Party Data

Easily augment user attributes with 3rd party data sources including social & demographic attributes. Blueshift integrates with several 3rd party data providers.

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Behavioral Data

Capture real-time user activity in real-time from your websites and app, using through Javascript tags, mobile SDK or numerous 3rd party tag-manager integrations.

Transactional Data

Set up feeds, or use Blueshift’s integrations with leading e-commerce platforms.

Customer Lists

Blueshift enables you to capture customer data using forms, as well as bring in data from other systems through fees & CRM system integrations

Catalog Overlay

Blueshift supports multiple formats of product & content catalog feeds, and offers integrations with some of the most commonly used platforms

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