View the key sessions from Blueshift Engage 2022, our premier event series for B2C marketers. Hear from modern marketers at Slickdeals, Sweetwater Sound, 14 West, and more about creating personalized customer journeys across channels using AI marketing.


Dive Into All Things Omnichannel, Engagement, and Personalization


Three Ingredients for Customer-Centric Engagement

Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

Modern marketers design customer engagement as flywheels versus as funnels that end in conversions. Discover why conversion funnels are limited and how you can increase lifetime value with richer customer information. 


Sweetwater’s Fine-Tuned Customer Engagement Strategy

Mike Clem, President,
Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

For Sweetwater, customer engagement is not merely to win purchases, it’s also to build a lifelong relationship with the customer. Hear how Sweetwater uses every customer interaction to build rich customer profiles so that its sales engineers can engage with intelligence. 

Fireside Chat With Zumper

Supercharging the Rental Marketplace with AI Recommendations

Russell Middleton, Co-Founder, Zumper
Joan Jenkins, Chief Marketing Officer, Blueshift

Finding a property to rent should be an exciting activity but the experience can be anything but. Zumper is on a mission to fix that with AI-powered recommendations. Russell Middleton, a co-founder of Zumper explains how Blueshift is helping Zumper transform the rental experience.


The Future of Marketing and CX

Rusty Warner, VP, principal analyst at Forrester, discusses why it’s important to connect marketing to the overall customer experience, and how to build a customer-obsessed martech strategy that delivers on your brand promise.


Extending Intelligent Customer Engagement Into Conversational Channels

Vikram Khandpur, SVP & GM, Sinch
Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

Many brands are engaging with customers using SMS. The next step is to hold two-way conversations with customers in real time. Learn how Sinch and Blueshift are partnering to power this for personalized customer interactions.


Power Personalized Engagement With AI

Leila Tudury, VP Product Management, Blueshift

Hear about what we’re working on to enhance the Blueshift intelligent customer engagement platform, including advanced customer journeys and real-time data warehouse integrations. Plus: Discover the benefits of becoming a Blueshift power user.


Omnichannel Strategies to Drive 1:1 Customer Interactions

Kristina Paulos, CRM, Slickdeals
Alex Rubin, Sr. Director, Partnerships, Sinch
Todd Ilberg, VP Customer Success, Blueshift

Slickdeals boosted revenue from its base of loyal users by 75% thanks to its rich customer data. Learn how Slickdeal used Blueshift to segment its power users and used lookalike modeling to grow more loyal fans. Also, hear the buzz around AI-fueled two-way conversations. 


Hyper-Personalization at Scale With AI-Powered Recommendations

Manyam Mallela, Co-Founder & Chief AI Officer, Blueshift

Join us on a tour of the expanded Blueshift Recommendations Studio. With 100+ AI recipes, you can design very personalized customer journeys with the power of machine learning. This is a session not to miss. 


Making the Shift to First-Party Data

Nick Chappell, Product Owner, 14 West
Craig Schinn, Co-Founder, Actable
Tim Shuvaloff, Chief Analytics Officer, DFO Global
Mannie Frances, Sr. Director, Customer Success, Blueshift

Some things are hard to let go – like a love of cookies (the web kind). Our panel of experts unpack the strategies you can adopt to drive organic growth while reducing dependence on third-party data. Bye-bye cookies!

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