Which Are Superior: Triggered Cross-Channel Campaigns or Single-Channel?

Triggered cross-channel campaigns have a 93% higher click-through rate than triggered single-channel campaigns.

As opposed to batch sends, triggered campaigns allow marketers to tailor communications to customers based on real-time data. As your customers expect brand interactions to be increasingly personalized, you need to meet these expectations in order to cultivate true brand loyalty and increase lifetime value. How can marketers like you achieve this? Yup, you guessed it: triggers are a part of the answer.

However, triggers aren’t a solution all on their own. In our Benchmark Report 2022: Cross-Channel Marketing, we dive into the nuances between different types of campaigns — batch-and-blast vs. triggered, single-channel vs. cross-channel, etc. — which we found by analyzing 10 billion messages sent by Blueshift customers in 2021. Through gathering these key findings about core engagement metrics, our team was able to prove the value of triggered cross-channel marketing.

Though triggered campaigns are effective on one single channel, creating cohesive customer experiences across the most relevant channels allows you to up-level your marketing even further and make your brand more memorable than the rest. That’s where cross-channel marketing comes in. Keep reading to discover the definitions, data, and key takeaways from our analysis.


What Are Cross-Channel Experiences?

Before we get into the specific data points we discovered about triggered cross-channel campaigns vs. triggered single-channel campaigns, we’ll define what sets cross-channel experiences apart from a traditional channel-centric approach.

Cross-channel experiences:

  • Are connected, customer data-driven experiences across 2+ channels
  • Respond to customer behaviors in real time
  • Optimize the next best action (content, channel, message timing)

With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at how open rates and click-through rates vary between triggered cross-channel campaigns and triggered single-channel campaigns.


Cross-Channel Wins Out

Triggered campaigns delivered across channels are more effective than single-channel because they establish consistent brand messaging throughout an individual customer’s journey. Triggered cross-channel campaigns resulted in a 35% higher open rate and a 93% higher click-through rate than triggered single-channel campaigns. Plus, eLearning platforms averaged a 204% higher click-through rate with triggered cross-channel campaigns.


Amplify Your Triggered Cross-Channel Campaigns

Creating cross-channel experiences may sound complicated, but getting started is easier than you may expect when you have the right technology platform to back you up ー one that connects all your channels within a single journey builder and enables you to create, automate, and scale sophisticated campaigns and journeys that are powered by a unified view of your customer data.

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