Need Improved Conversions? Triggered Emails Can Help

Email triggers are 497% more effective than Batch Emails

It can be incredibly frustrating as a marketer to craft great content and messaging, just to have it underperform. It’s nothing personal — time and time again talented marketers put hours of work into emails, just to have them result in less than ideal conversions. These emails underperform as a result of not taking advantage of automation and triggers that optimize when to send messages for each user. Let’s walk through how triggered emails can improve open rates, click-thru rates, and ultimately conversions.


Email remains one of the most valuable ways to reach customers. You can pack a ton of information and content into one send.  It’s also very easy to send customers to specific pages on your site or mobile app. But, simply blasting out daily or weekly emails can get old quickly for customers, leading to a lack of engagement and unsubscribes.

We’ve all had the experience of signing up for emails to get a special discount on our first purchase with a brand and then been inundated with daily (or even more frequent) emails. That’s not the experience you signed up for. Blueshift’s Head of Deliverability, Kimberley Paxton, says this kind of sending can lead to massive problems for your email program because:

  1. You didn’t slowly ramp up and set frequency expectations
  2. You send without regard for engagement

One way to avoid over-sending and wasting content you’ve worked diligently on is to use triggered-messaging to ensure every touchpoint is timely and relevant to improve engagement metrics.


Our 2020 Trigger-Based Marketing Benchmark Report found that, across over 14.9 billion messages analyzed, emails sent with triggers saw a 468% click rate and 525% higher conversion rate opposed to batch-and-blast campaigns. These emails are sent in relation to each customer’s position in their unique journey with your brand, as opposed to arbitrary send times.

Need Improved Conversions? Triggered Emails Can Help

Messages can be triggered in response to a number of events or qualifications, all suited to your unique business needs. Messages are personalized based on every customer’s engagement and real-time activities with your website, mobile app, emails, and other marketing channels. Triggers can also be activated by catalog updates — like price or inventory changes — or via transactions.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of utilizing email triggers and how to take your marketing to the next level, download our full 2020 Trigger-Based Marketing Benchmark Report and chat with our team to learn how we can help.