Marketer vs. Martech: You’ve Been Doing Data All Wrong and You’re Ready to Change

51% of marketers say critical customer experience data is not currently being stored on one integrated platform

For some marketers, data collection and unification can be scary. Math may not be your forte, you may have no idea where to look for meaning, or you simply don’t have the right toolset to understand your data. In the past, marketers had to rely on data scientists and engineers to gain insight into information. But now, most marketers are expected to step up and wear multiple hats. Even if data might be overwhelming you now, it doesn’t have to remain so — there’s an easy path to becoming a data-savvy marketer, and we have the data to prove it.


Your trouble with fully harnessing the power of your customer data probably has nothing to do with your skillset. In fact, 51% of marketers report that their business isn’t pooling data into one unified source, which can make finding key insights within your data nearly impossible.

Of those marketers storing data in disparate sources, 61% feel as though their businesses’ technology and data management are inhibiting their ability to use customer data within their marketing efforts. If data is all over the place, how are marketers expected to deliver accurate and relevant messaging to their customers?

The answer lies in examining your current tech stack, its limitations, what it does well, and so on. Blueshift’s CEO, Vijay Chittoorhas some advice for building your perfect martech stack. First, remain agile and constantly assess if your tech is serving your needs well. Second, make sure the tech you invest in is making your marketing more customer-centric, rather than channel-centric.

61% of marketers storing data across multiple systems believe their organization does not have the tools/technology needed to best execute campaigns using their collected customer data


Becoming a data-driven marketer is an act of balance. While you don’t need to go out and get a bachelor’s degree in data science, you will need support from technical resources at your company for optimal results.

Blueshift recognizes the need for transparency and involvement with data science teams and marketing — and our Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) seeks to marry engineering and marketing into a platform that fits both departments’ needs. Our white-box approach to AI makes it easy for engineers to step in and import their own models, or tweak existing models and variables to suit their unique business needs. And while the CDAP is incredibly powerful, it’s also very user friendly for the marketers who spend their days using it to execute their multi-channel campaigns.

Former customer and current Chief Growth Officer of Blueshift, Josh Francia, has found that the most successful teams collaborate across departments while still being self-sufficient (via the right tech of course).

Ready to put your data woes behind you? Download our full Marketer vs. Martech study for more information on why your tech stack might be in the way of data-fueled bliss, and then reach out to the Blueshift team for a demo of the platform.