Make Your Cross-Channel Campaigns More Personal with 1:1 Recommendations

Benchmarks: Personalized Recommendations

These days, consumers are particular about which brands they support and which products they buy. And with so many options available — especially in the world of social commerce — it takes more than just one email or a single ad to captivate your potential customers. As countless brands attempt to woo consumers across various channels and platforms, the need for personalized recommendations is apparent.

To get a deeper understanding of why 1:1 recommendations are so crucial for customer engagement, we analyzed 10 billion messages sent by Blueshift customers in 2021. By sharing these key findings in our Benchmark Report 2022: Cross-Channel Marketing, we hope that marketers like you will see the value of personalized triggered campaigns as a part of your marketing strategy.

We’ve already determined that triggered cross-channel campaigns are more effective than triggered single-channel campaigns, so now let’s take a closer look at how personalized triggered campaigns with 1:1 recommendations can help your brand stay relevant and connect more deeply with customers across the channels that matter to them.


What Are Cross-Channel Experiences?

Before we get into the specific data points we discovered about personalized triggered campaigns vs. non-personalized triggered campaigns, we’ll define what sets cross-channel experiences apart from a traditional channel-centric approach.

Cross-channel experiences:

  • Are connected, customer data-driven experiences across 2+ channels
  • Respond to customer behaviors in real time
  • Optimize the next best action (content, channel, message timing)

With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at how open rates and click-through rates vary between personalized triggered campaigns vs. non-personalized triggered campaigns.


Personalization Drives Relevance & Impact

Personalized, AI-powered recommendations add relevance across every interaction with your brand to increase customer engagement along each stage of their individual journeys. Triggered campaigns with personalized recommendations resulted in a 50% higher open rate and a 58% higher click-through rate than triggered campaigns without personalized recommendations. Plus, personal finance companies averaged a 66% higher click-through rate using campaigns with personalized recommendations.


Use 1:1 Recommendations to Keep Customers Engaged

Creating cross-channel experiences may sound complicated, but getting started is easier than you may expect when you have the right technology platform to back you up — one that connects all your channels within a single journey builder and enables you to create, automate, and scale sophisticated campaigns and journeys that are powered by a unified view of your customer data.

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