Fintech Startup, ClearScore, Makes Messaging 40 Million Feel Personal

ClearScore integration on the Blueshift platform

Imagine a world where finance is clear, calm, and easy to understand. ClearScore is helping build that world. The red-hot fintech startup utilizes Blueshift to provide insights and tools in order to facilitate great financial well-being. And, across no less than 10 million users.

Although sending over 40 million emails a month is no easy task in itself, but ClearScore wanted to go above and beyond to provide 1:1 messaging to every user, across all channels. ClearScore’s previous system was clunky and required a ton of manual work for basic outputs. Their agile team needed something more their speed. Enter Blueshift.


As much as ClearScore is a one-stop-shop to nurture your financial health, Blueshift is the team’s answer to running hyper-personalized, dynamic customer journey all in one hub. ClearScore marketers can easily check up on live campaigns, use insights to shape new journeys, and craft messaging with just a few clicks.

Intuitive A/B testing, plug-and-play templates, and automated journey building have greatly reduced time spent on campaign design. This has proved invaluable to the growth of ClearScore’s team. 3 years ago their lean marketing team was the only Blueshift users. Now, over 61 users from across all departments want a hand in creating marketing magic.

“I would describe Blueshift as the best platform for data-driven companies, with very aggressive targets, who are looking to drive growth across the business,” says Donatella Storchi, Growth Marketing Lead at ClearScore.

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