Discover the True ROI of AI Marketing in Our Blueshift Smart Guide

Discover the True ROI of AI Marketing in Our Blueshift Smart Guide

AI is quite possibly the king of all buzzwords. But, unlike so many other buzzwords that aren’t worth their snuff, AI actually lives up to the hype it promises, especially within marketing. As leading analyst firm, Gartner, recently stated “AI’s capacity to transform marketing is obscured by a fog of hype, but the breakthroughs are real. Marketing technology leaders need to engage in AI initiatives or risk being blindsided by disruptive AI-enabled competition.” Even so, AI within marketing can seem very “black box” to non-technical folks, and determining its true value can feel impossible. The most cutting-edge, data-driven marketers can still be left scratching their heads at AI-driven technologies that offer little to no transparency into how AI works and why AI works, or the ROI of AI for marketing.

To help you understand the impact AI can have, we analyzed 3.8 billion marketing interactions across a dozen verticals, including ecommerce, media, travel, and consumer finance. The Smart Guide to the ROI of AI presents these findings and introduces an actionable framework for marketers to start applying AI across the customer journey. Let’s dive into what else you learn from this comprehensive guide.

The state of AI and marketing

Over the past 20 years, our day-to-day as marketers has been taken over by managing a growing number of channels, programs, data sources, and marketing tools. In addition, the past few years have seen a rise in customer-centric experiences— marketers are now responsible for not only traditional channels but also customer service messaging and other experiences. While this shift is happening on the business side, consumer demands are increasing. Customers’ attention is fleeting and the need for relevancy and personalization has increased.

How do marketers today deliver compelling customer experiences that push customers through the purchase funnel, and do so at a meaningful scale? The answer lies in AI, and more and more businesses are catching on. As of early 2020, 85% of organizations report that they are evaluating or using AI. And they’re doing this successfully. 81% of marketers using AI for personalization report to exceeded revenue goals by over 30%.

AI is so successful because it can make complex marketing initiatives simple by adding speed and scale to marketing workflows and driving better, faster, more accurate marketing decisions. AI gives marketers the tool to scale personalized, multi-touch programs that deliver relevancy and impact across the customer journey without added effort, heavy IT involvement or, data-science resources. It also cuts down manual tasks and frees marketers to get back to the heart of marketing —  creativity, strategy, and crafting next-level customer experiences.

Key takeaways from the guide

Insights from the benchmark analysis highlight that AI-powered campaigns can achieve:

  • 3X revenue relative to their use in the marketing mix
  • 3.1X-7.2X lift in customer engagement
  • Nearly 2X greater impact on engagement for mobile push compared to email
  • Continuously improve campaign performance as the AI engine learns from customer interactions, driving an additional 50% lift over initial results

For the full set of findings and real customer examples of how AI has driven revenue by helping them make better, quicker decisions about the “Who, What, When & Where” of omnichannel marketing, access the full Smart Guide.

More about our Smart Guide Series

Our Smart Guide to the ROI of AI is just one in a series of Blueshift Smart Guides that are available to access, now. We created these guides to educate marketers about the topics that are critical to business success today. In this series, we cover top tools, like Customer Data Platforms, up-and-coming technology, like marketer-accessible AI, and so much more.

You can discover our full library of Smart Guides here, or chat with one of our AI experts to learn how AI could positively impact your business.


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