Data Activation: Essential Capabilities for Today and Tomorrow

Data Activation: Essential Capabilities for Today and Tomorrow

Let’s say you run a small business and you have 100 customers in total. Breaking them into segments and marketing in a relevant and personal way is doable. You’d likely know each and every one of them by name, and you’d know their preferences by heart. But what happens when you have a few million? And what happens when they live across time zones and oceans? How can you market to that many people effectively, 24/7, in a way that continues to feel as personal and relevant as it would if you only had 100 customers? Or, better yet, just one?

The answer is data activation

Data activation = 1:1 personalization for all

Consumer expectations have changed. Today, many people won’t give a business a second thought without messaging that feels as though it speaks directly to them. With data activation, no matter how many customers or touch points you have, you can be sure that each interaction is based on real-time customer insights, consists of the right content, and is happening at the exact right moment in the channel it’s most likely to drive action.

But operationalizing data activation to drive customer-centric experiences across channels is no simple feat. It requires the right technology, and that’s an integrated platform with three core components working in lockstep:

  1. Single Customer View: Customer insight powers everything you do. True Data Activation requires alwayson, comprehensive, unified understanding of each identifiable and anonymous customer that captures their complete histories and real-time behaviors from every channel, device, and system. Anything less and you’re driving with real blind spots.
  2. Predictive Intelligence: There’s too much fast-changing data to make sense of without the help of AI. Scalable 1:1 personalization requires self learning, customizable, transparent predictive algorithms that inform segmentation, content recommendations, and message optimization and help determine which customers to engage and how to best engage them.
  3. Automated Decisioning: Powering ongoing marketing actions across channels requires automated, adaptive campaign orchestration that uses predictive intelligence from your unified customer view to guide marketing touchpoints across all your execution channels — be it email, SMS, website, app, messaging, digital, customer support, or custom apps.

With data activation, we really can build brands that feel like trusted friends rather than impersonal salespeople. We can scale intelligent customer engagement and create marketing campaigns that break through the noise.

Data Activation: Essential Capabilities for Today and Tomorrow

Scale today, win tomorrow

A winning platform needs to be lightning fast and architected for scale at its core, not a point solution with addons. A platform that can activate data will handle not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s data complexities because that’s exactly what it’s foundationally built for. So you don’t have to worry about having 100 customers, 1,000 customers, 1 million customers — they’re all taken care of.

If you’re ready to discover what kind of impact data activation can have on your company, start by reading our guide. Or, you can fast track straight to connecting with our sales team.