Creating Dynamic Templates for Mobile Channels is Easier than Ever with Blueshift’s Enhanced Creative Studio

Creating Dynamic Templates for Mobile Channels is Easier than Ever with Blueshift’s Enhanced Creative Studio

Mobile usage continues to grow at a substantial rate, and according to TechCrunch, consumers spent a record $28 billion using apps in Q3’2020. So, the ability to reach a growing number of consumers turning to mobile is critical for brand awareness, driving engagement, and delivering time-sensitive information to drive conversion customers on the go. If you’re not optimizing mobile to its full potential, you’re missing out on many opportunities that improve the customer experience and grow revenue. That’s why it’s important to use a solution that provides all tools needed to create time-sensitive messages that dynamically personalize to millions of customers. Luckily, we have just the tool — Blueshfit’s Creative Studio for Mobile that makes template creation, personalization, and optimization effortless for any mobile channel including Push, In-App, and SMS.

We’re excited to announce we’ve revamped our Creative Studio for Push and upgraded our Creative Studio for In-App and SMS to streamline template workflows and make it easier for you to create dynamic mobile experiences that adapt to each customer. Our most popular, self-serve tools including template editors, previewing, and more just got even better. Our Creative Studio now encompasses:

  • Revamped Push Template Builder
  • Improved Push Template Previewer
  • Self-Serve Deep-Link Setup
  • Customizable In-App Modal Background Images and Dimensions
  • In-App Modal Click-Tracking
  • Customizable In-App Slide-In Banner Positions 
  • Multi-Brand Support
Updated Creative Studio AI for Push Notifications

Streamline Push Template Creation

Our revamped Creative Studio for Mobile makes creating hyper-relevant, time-sensitive mobile messages a walk in the park by providing quick access to all the tools and information you need. Our interface now includes 4 tabs to help you easily navigate, access, and test core components of your Push templates. Let’s dive into each one:

  • The Properties tab provides template details such as the template name, associated OS (i.e.  Android or iOS), associated tags, and campaigns the template is used in. This is also where you set guidelines for using the template in a campaign.
  • The Content tab lets you customize templates to your business-specific needs and brand guidelines through an easy-to-use interface. You can specify the operating system (iOS or Android) you want to message on, select a template type, add dynamic content, and add a deep link.
  • The Data tab allows you to add recommendation blocks, external fetches via API, and any sample events associated with an email template. Additionally, you can preview messages across iOS or Android devices for customers based on any attribute or audience segment.
  • The Test Send tab allows you to send test push, in-app, and SMS messages to ensure they are delivered correctly.
Updated Creative Studio AI for Push Notifications

Ensure Push Notifications Dynamically Personalize The Way You Intended

With our improved Push Template Previewer, you can boost quality control by precisely selecting who or what you want to preview for rather than trying to find a specific customer’s email address. Blueshift enables you to preview templates based on any user, segment, or customer attribute within a few clicks.

In the “Find a Customer” drop-down, simply select any user attributes including Phone Number, Custom Events, Predictive Scores, Customer LTV, and more. Once you’ve defined your criteria, scroll through any number of customers by clicking the preview arrow to make sure templates are optimized for every scenario. Save significant time no longer needing to do multiple searches for customers or finding the correct event you want a preview for

Creating Dynamic Templates for Mobile Channels is Easier than Ever with Blueshift’s Enhanced Creative Studio

Create Seamless Experiences With Self-Serve Deep-Link Creation

With Blueshift’s Deep Links (iosandroid), you can create seamless channel-to-app experiences that take customers directly from any of your templates, including Push, SMS, and In-App messages, to the desired page inside your website or app. You can create dynamic, frictionless experiences by pointing customers to the exact page they need to go to take action. Say you are a Media company that offers TV and movie streaming services. You can send ‘keep watching’ notifications to remind users of shows they’ve stopped and link them directly to where they left off.

Setup is quick and simple. Go to Account Settings, click on the ‘Other Settings’ tab, paste your AASA (apple-app-site-association) file or Android Asset Links, and click save. Then, simply add your CNAME to the desired template adapter or enter your hostname CNAME in the other settings tab, and you’re in business! You can start using Deep Links across any mobile template to create smoother customer experiences.

Order Confirmed example screen

Customize In-App Modals and Slide-in Banners to Brand Guidelines

In-App Customizable Background Images and Sizes

Create beautiful, engaging messages using your brand images through In-App Background Images. You can create and surface visually stunning notifications inside your app that grab customers’ attention and nudge them to take action. Adding background images to In-App messages is simple. Once in the template builder, select the ‘Template’ tab, click ‘Background Image’, and choose a graphic from your asset library stored within Blueshift. Then, customize the height and width of the image to your business needs so it captures the most attention. Once created, you can immediately start using the templates across your mobile campaigns to deliver more engaging messages.

Understand What Drives Engagement

In-App Modal Click Tracking provides a complete understanding of how customers interact with your messages by allowing you to analyze which buttons customers click in an In-App modal. Once a campaign launches, you get immediate insight into customer engagement and how they interact with messages by viewing ‘user campaign activity’ reports that can be directly downloaded within the campaign dashboard or exported to an S3 bucket.

In-app studio example

Slide-In Banners That Get Noticed

Customizable Slide-In Banner positions let you create In-App banners that appear in ideal locations on specific pages of your mobile app to capture customers’ attention. Customizing slide-in banner placement can be set in a few clicks. Select Slide-In for the Template Type, set the layout position, then specify the margins to your business needs.

For example, an E-Learning company can automatically trigger a slide-in banner for a subscription upgrade promotion to free users once they’ve met the desired criteria such as completed a course or browsed a certain number of classes.

Creating Dynamic Templates for Mobile Channels is Easier than Ever with Blueshift’s Enhanced Creative Studio

Manage Numerous Brands Under One Roof

Multi-App Support allows you to manage numerous brands across a single interface rather than signing in and out of different accounts to create mobile marketing campaigns. You can manage multiple mobile apps, mobile campaigns, user bases, and catalogs all within a single UI to streamline mobile campaign orchestration and deliver more relevant experiences across apps. In addition to improving mobile campaign orchestration, you can easily have a multi-brand view of your customers that further enhances audience segmentation and increase the effectiveness of mobile experiences.

Updated Creative Studio UI screen

Within the Push template editor, preview what messages will look like for customers based on any attribute, audience segments, and even the desired mobile app to make sure it’s rendering correctly.

Then, create and launch mobile campaigns for each of your apps directly within the omnichannel campaign builder. Simply start building a new campaign, add in a Push Notification trigger, and select the desired app where you would like the message to be sent. Blueshift will automatically trigger messages to those customers who meet your criteria and have the app installed.

Creating Dynamic Templates for Mobile Channels is Easier than Ever with Blueshift’s Enhanced Creative Studio

Mobile template creation workflows shouldn’t be a pain. That’s why we’ve revamped our Creative Studio for mobile channels to simplify this process and make template creation, previewing, and testing a cinch. With an all-in-one tool that provides the ability to create, personalize, test, and optimize every component of your mobile messages, you’re empowered to deliver the most engaging, timely messages across any mobile channel.