CIO to CMO: Your AI is Only as Good as Your Data

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“Artificial intelligence is only as smart as the data it receives, which means that the biggest gains you can make in quality will come from improving data input.” – Vijay Chittoor, CEO, Blueshift

n a recent article on, our CEO, Vijay Chittoor, provided insights into how today’s CIOs will empower CMOs through rich data to power new AI designed for marketing. Today’s CMOs and marketing leaders are being pushed further and further into a “technologist” role, often sacrificing the time and resources needed to create powerful messaging and overall strategy.

As the article illustrates, marketers are bogged down, there’s a mountain of data, and a need to efficiently analyze and take action on the data. AI poses the solution for marketers to get out of “tinkering” and get into actually producing more from their data. It’s not a matter of not having access to data, it’s knowing how to structure and USE the data.

“The data required for AI to do its magic already exists. Our online behavior is constantly being monitored. The data traces we leave behind are compiled and analyzed by machine learning programs to find patterns. For example, it may find that people who search for orange sweaters in October are also highly likely to want to buy a pumpkin flavored coffee drink, and are most likely to make that purchase if they are served with a mobile ad at 8:00am, before they head to work.

The key, of course, is data. The more comprehensive the data, the more precise and effective a campaign can become.”

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