Blueshift Named a CDP and Marketing Automation Leader in G2 Spring 2022 Report

Crowd report Spring 2022

Can you believe we’re already almost four months into 2022? The first three months of the year have been a whirlwind, particularly with the successful launch of our Benchmark Report 2022: Cross-Channel Marketing. While our team was busy analyzing 10 billion messages sent by Blueshift customers to assemble our groundbreaking report, the Blueshift platform was gaining recognition across the tech industry.

Drum roll please: Blueshift was named a Leader for CDP and Marketing Automation — as well as a Momentum Leader for CDP, Marketing Automation, and Mobile Marketing — in the G2 Spring 2022 Report.

How Blueshift Stacks Up

Smart Hub Platform

  • 95% of reviews were 4+ stars.
  • 92% of users believe the product is headed in the right direction.
  • 86% of users said they would be likely to recommend Blueshift to others.

Highest-Rated Features

Customer Data Platform

  • Multiple Devices was rated 94% compared to the industry average of 87%.
  • Data Enrichment was rated 94% compared to the industry average of 88%.
  • Recommendation Engine was rated 93% compared to the industry average of 85%.

Highest-Rated Features

Marketing Automation

  • Segmentation was rated 93% compared to the industry average of 88%.
  • Sending Outbound Emails was rated 92% compared to the industry average of 90%.
  • Event/Webinar Marketing was rated 90% compared to the industry average of 87%.

Highest-Rated Features

Mobile Marketing

  • Audience Segmentation was rated 96% compared to the industry average of 89%.
  • Email Campaigns were rated 96% compared to the industry average of 90%.
  • Push Notifications were rated 93% compared to the industry average of 89%.

Users Love Us

What Blueshift's Customers are Saying

“The Blueshift experts are great partners to the business. Very responsive, friendly, and insightful, the Blueshift team always has an eye on day-to-day business actions, as well as the future roadmap.”

We found Blueshift’s visual editor to be very precise, and we were able to build out our email designs exactly the way our team designed them. Blueshift also stands out with its ‘Shared Assets’ feature that allows us to make changes across our emails at scale, without having to go into every single email to make updates.”

“The infrastructure is very advanced, and you have all the tools you need to create incredible one-off and automated campaigns. The support team is always available and reliable if you need help.”

“The best feature of Blueshift is not only the ability to manage campaigns but also to see associated analytics.”

“We like the ability to consolidate customer data into a single, cohesive database. Now marketers can segment lists and build intelligent, personalized campaigns without intervention from developers or other teams.”

As the team at Blueshift moves forward into spring, we’re eager to make our platform even more user-friendly with exciting new features to help marketers like you reach their business goals.

Read other reviews from Blueshift’s satisfied customers by visiting our G2 page. If you’re interested in connecting with one of our cross-channel marketing experts to learn more about our customer data platform and marketing automation features, schedule a demo today!