AI in Marketing: How to Unlock Success for Your Business

AI-Powered Campaigns are 137% More Effective

In 2020, AI is everywhere. The explosion of AI-based platforms and tools onto the marketing scene might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually incredibly exciting  Historically, AI-powered marketing solutions have been overly technical or required engineering resources to get up and running. Today’s platforms are bringing transparent and customizable technology to marketers in an easy to understand, accessible package. Let’s dig deeper into how AI can unlock success for your business.

The impressive numbers behind AI

In our 2020 Benchmark Report, we analyzed over 14.9 billion messages sent across channels to understand the variances in core engagement metrics including click rates and conversion rates between different types of communication, specifically how AI impacted these metrics.

Our analysis found that on average, AI-powered campaigns are 137% more effective than campaigns that do not utilize AI. We specifically examined campaigns using two of Blueshift’s AI-powered features: Predictive Recommendations and Engage Time Optimization.

AI in Marketing: How to Unlock Success for Your Business

Predictive recommendations use AI and customer activity to build highly-relevant content blocks that adapt to each customer based on where they are in the customer lifecycle Our analysis shows campaigns that utilize Predictive Recommendations are 116% more effective than those without. Engage Time Optimization uses AI and customer activity such as campaign clicks, website browsing behavior, total engagement time, engagement depth, and transactions to determine the optimal time for engagement and conversion for each customer.

Our report found that this capability produced stellar results. Campaigns utilizing Engage Time Optimization are 157% more effective than those without. Our Engage Time Optimization goes beyond traditional send time optimization by using AI to examine campaign clicks, website browsing behavior, total engagement time, engagement depth and transactions to determine windows of time in which each user is most likely to engage and send messages to each user at the best time accordingly.

The ABCs and 123s of AI

As a marketer, seeing the benefits of AI can be extremely interesting, but you might feel as though you still don’t have the resources or information to use it within your business. Well, you’re in luck!

To demystify AI, we’ve decided to create a course to help marketers understand the basics of AI in marketing, and exactly how marketers can start applying AI in their day-to-day to improve campaigns and marketing performance. This course is a part of Blueshift Academy — the one-stop shop to learn the basics of the Blueshift platform, and topics most important to modern marketers: AI-marketing, digital marketing best practices, deliverability, and much more.

We’ve broken down the biggest topics in marketing today into easy-to-follow and informative courses. In this course, we cover exactly how AI can be used by marketers, best practices that lead to success, how to measure that success, and much more. No strings attached, anyone willing to learn can take our free course (here) that will guide you through the ins and outs of AI — and turn you into an AI-enabled marketer!

If you’d like to learn more about our findings on the impact of triggers, multi-channel messaging, and other strategies on marketing success, download our full 2020 Benchmark Report.