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Mobile devices have redefined how we communicate, seek information, and interact with brands. As most people today are never more than arms-reach from their smartphones, spending on average…

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Running Apache Spark on AWS

Running Apache Spark on AWS

Apache Spark is being adopted at rapid pace by organization big and small to speed up and simplify big data mining and analytics architectures. First invented by researchers at AMPLab at UC-Berkeley, Spark codebase is being worked upon by hundreds…
Taming your customer lifecycle metrics

Taming your Customer Lifecycle Metrics

In recent years, the idea of “pirate metrics” has gained wide adoption. Pirate metrics stand for AARRR: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. The precise definition of the metrics may differ based on your business. For…
Setting up Hadoop

Setting up Hadoop 2.4 and Pig 0.12 on OSX locally

This is first of many blog posts to come from our dev bootcamp. Often times you want to test your scripts and run code locally before you hit the push button. We want to share  our findings that we think will be helpful to the wider world…
Relationship marketing to the perpetually connected customer

Relationship marketing to the perpetually connected customer

With multiple devices at their disposal, a customer’s path to a digital purchase now often spans both a mobile device and a desktop.  As an NYT article pointed out, “85 percent of online shoppers start searching on one device — most…