5 Must-Have Campaigns for Media and Publishing Marketers to Drive Growth

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In this series of blogs I go into detailed campaigns that growth marketers can run for specific industries. These campaigns are tailored towards goals and revenue that growth marketers are responsible for. Our first industry deep dive is taking a look at the media and publishing industry.

The media and publishing industry is very content heavy and always changing. This high volume of time sensitive content gives growth marketers an opportunity to serve users fresh 1:1 content in many creative ways. With new content being added continuously and hundreds of thousands of people interacting with their content every hour, growth marketers have a huge amount of data at their disposal for engaging their readers and keep them coming back everyday. Below are the 5 top programs growth marketers in media and publishing industry use to drive higher customer engagement.

Personalized weekly digest: Recommend the best content of the week based on a user’s browsing history and attributes like location to all active users on a weekly basis.

Developing story alerts: For news publications, updates to stories that users have previously expressed an interest or interacted with. This can be indicated by their browsing history or previous searches. Because of the news being time sensitive, the update should be sent within 15 min of the update.

Category Affinity: Many media companies ask users about what topics they are interested in and want to see more of. Users can also show their affinity with a strong browsing and buying preference for a few categories. Recommend trending content from the categories preferred by the user on a weekly recurring basis.

Subscription Upsell: Convert freemium users to paid subscribers with relevant offers who have shown high purchase intent based on predictive scores. The cadence can be 1, 7, and 30 days after customer’s behavior indicates that they have a high intent.


Trending Content: Push out messages to highly active users recommending content that’s trending now in terms of views as soon as some new content becomes trending or newsworthy.