4 Essentials for Delivering Personalized Experiences for Credit Unions

4 essentials delivering personalized experiences for credit unions

Like many organizations navigating digital transformation, Credit Unions are facing challenges to their core business with a range of new competitors in the space; FinTechs, challenger banks, startups, and other companies that didn’t exist five years ago are now competing for member services. Fortunately, Credit Unions can build from a solid foundation and meet these challenges by using their experience delivering exceptional member services and the recent advances in intelligent, cross-channel marketing tools.

Today it’s easier than ever for Credit Unions to preserve their stellar reputation for member experience and personalized service while scaling marketing efforts across channels like email, SMS, in-app, advertising, and more. With personalization, Credit Unions can connect members to relevant products based on their individual interests, stated preferences, inferred affinities, and previous browsing behaviors, in a range of channels and journeys.

Blueshift does the heavy lifting by helping Credit Union marketing teams easily organize customer data into powerful member profiles, find smart segments and opportunities using AI-based insights, and then seamlessly execute customer journeys across any channel – all without hiring a team of engineers and marketers to make it all possible. Personalizing content, message type, and brand look and feel while maintaining a seamless brand experience has never been easier.

Below we outline four ways to grow engagement and deliver the modern, personal experience members expect.

Establishing Trust

1. Establish Trust and Help Members Succeed

Whether it’s buying a house, choosing the right credit card, or investing in the future, it’s vital to be there for all of your members’ financial decisions (big or small) to help guide and educate them along the way.

Planning for the future can be scary, so it’s equally, if not more, important to provide them with necessary educational guidance to help them improve their financial knowledge.

Provide members with value-add content, tools, and resources to help them understand and navigate their finances and be empowered to make those big decisions when they are ready. Providing personalized resources and tips shows your members that your brand is committed to their financial wellbeing.

Tailor Your Content

2. Use Data to Personalize Experiences

Recommending the right products can go a long way in showing your members you understand their needs and are there to support them. By looking at member behavior and events like repeat visits, pages visited, and location, you can customize each member’s experience to make it easier for them to find the best resources and products for their unique financial needs.

For example, if someone is returning to your site after previously visiting the credit card page, create an experience that recommends the top cards for them – tailoring the recommendations to only what they would qualify for.

Delivering exceptional user experiences at every touchpoint builds members’ trust and confidence in your brand, making them more likely to become lifelong members.


3. Make Your Campaigns Member-Centric

Make it easy for members to engage with you by using omnichannel marketing tactics, such as SMS, in-app push, and email. It’s essential for experiences to be seamless across all channel touchpoints involved in a transaction and to adapt to those touchpoints based on each member’s individual behavior.

Did you know that multi-channel campaigns are 283% more effective than single-channel campaigns? Your members aren’t one-dimensional, so your campaigns shouldn’t be either. A dynamic, innovative marketing approach will make your Credit Union stand out and give members a more memorable experience.

Real-Time Messaging

4. Keep Members Engaged

Use real-time data to deliver more timely, relevant messaging and prompt reminders of key dates and necessary updates across all channels. Keep members up-to-date with account activity, alert notifications for loan applications, send personalized milestone messages for anniversaries and birthdays, and more.

With real-time data and access to each member’s rich financial profile data, you can respond to customer activity immediately, while ensuring the best privacy practices. A customer data platform (CDP) can help you unify your data and make it actionable across channels.

Intelligent Engagement

Build Lifelong Member Relationships

In our increasingly digital world, building a lifelong relationship with members requires getting to know them and interacting with them in a humanized way (even if that’s over a screen). As we’ve seen so many companies go 100% digital, it’s more valuable than ever to find ways to continue to create those personalized, 1:1 experiences. With an all-in-one Intelligent Customer Engagement platform like Blueshift, your Credit Union can succeed at personalized marketing, and your members will confidently depend on your company for years to come.

Want to learn more about using Blueshift to deliver personalized, member-centric experiences across every channel and touchpoint? Download our quick 2-minute read, “6 Personalized Engagement Campaigns for Credit Unions.” Then connect with one of our marketing experts to see how Blueshift can transform your strategy.