Blueshift Customer Support Plans

Blueshift provides not only the industry-leading marketing platform, but also highly-experienced success and support resources. While every subscription comes with our Standard Support Plan, our customers have found the most success with our Premium or Enterprise Plans, and have achieved 2-5X higher return on their Blueshift investment.

Making every client successful.


Our Standard Success Package exceeds most offerings in the market.

Team of Customer Success Managers
(email support)

Monthly Success Calls

Training: Blueshift Academy
Online Resources and Training Videos

Yearly Business Review (Web)

Feature Requests:
Standard Queue

Support Channels:

12/5 Support
(Customer Time Zone)


Our most popular plan provides greater 1:1 service and care with a very balanced level of support.

Designated, Customer Service Manager

Bi-Monthly Success Calls

Training: Blueshift Academy plus, 4 Personalized Sessions
a Year

Quarterly Business Review (Web)

Feature Requests:
Priority Queue

Support Channels:
Email, Live Chat, SMS

12/5 Support
(Customer Time Zone)

24/7 Support for Urgent Issues

Initial Response:
Under 1 Hour for Urgent Issues


For clients who need the highest level of support, we offer this exclusive support tier.

Dedicated Customer Service Manager

Weekly Success Calls

Training: Blueshift Academy
plus, Unlimited/Ad Hoc/Onsite

Quarterly Business Review
(Web or Onsite)

Feature Requests:
Expedited Queue

Support Channels:
Email, Live Chat, SMS,
Phone Support

24/5 Support

24/7 Support for Urgent Issues

Initial Response:
Under 30 Minutes for
Urgent Issues

“The versatility of Blueshift’s recommendation engine, its ability to cover all of our use cases, was key for us. None of the other 13 other solutions we evaluated had the AI layer that could adapt to every changing user context, preferences and dynamic catalogs.”

Russell Middleton
Co-Founder, Zumper

“The key selling point of Blueshift was the ability to offer cross channel communications to our user base and our customers, and make sure we were able to store all our data in one tool, and make sure we’re able to know exactly what is being said, to who, at what time, without having to look at different reports of different tools.”

Pauline Fumeron
Marketing Automation Manager, OpenClassrooms