Shopify and Blueshift: Activate Your Ecommerce Data for 1:1 Tailored Experiences

Blueshift and Shopify logos

For business of all sizes — and across more verticals than you might expect — ecommerce technology plays a huge role in the functionality of their websites, and in turn their revenue generation. But, simply offering products, services, or experiences for purchase online is no longer enough to satiate the high expectations of today’s consumers. In fact, 63% of shoppers expect personalization as standard. 

So, how can businesses offer a world class ecommerce experience, along with 1:1 personalization at scale, all without the need for engineering and IT resources? Blueshift customers can now leverage all their rich ecommerce data from Shopify in tandem with Blueshift’s multi-channel personalization and recommendation capabilities to deliver 1:1, tailored experiences that wow.


Simply put, Shopify is an ecommerce platform that helps ecommerce businesses run and manage their online stores. It’s extremely popular, with over a million merchants across 175 countries utilizing their services.

Shopify’s out-of-the-box platform supports website development, billing, inventory tracking, mobile commerce capabilities, online marketplaces and more. Shopify stores can also be set up without a large engineering team, which makes it well loved by lean teams first starting out.


In just a few clicks, this free integration connects Blueshift to any Shopify account and automatically synchronizes all your digital ecommerce data into Blueshift. The integration allows customers to  sync custom events, catalog data, user interactions, purchase history, visitor activity, page visits, and transactions within the Blueshift platform.


Blueshift Shopify integration app page screen

This integration promises to revolutionize how Shopify clients communicate with their customers. Using real-time data directly from the digital stores, marketers can now create custom, AI-powered multi-channel campaigns — such as an abandoned cart, post-purchase, churn reduction — that are driven and populated by a single view of each customer. By activating all your historical and real-time Shopify data with Blueshift, marketers can deliver tailored, meaningful experiences across every touch point that deepen user engagement, retention, and loyalty. In addition, customers can drive significant growth with immediate access to all their data, without the need for IT resources so marketers can focus on creating amazing experiences for customers, rather than being tied up constantly de-soiling and rationalizing data.


Shopify Blueshift integration screenshot