Leveraging Blueshift for Exceptional Ecommerce Growth

Blueshift for Ecommerce graphic

Although the Blueshift is vertical agnostic, we recognize we play especially well in certain areas and with certain use cases. Blueshift customers within the ecommerce sector have done remarkably well, and though each of their use cases are unique, it’s clear there’s a pattern of success. The platform’s ability to ingest both customer data and product data, and rationalize this information makes it an excellent tool for marketers who want to understand both customer behaviors and their product affinities. 

Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, along with unified data to allow marketers to build seamless, 1:1 customer experiences across every channel. Discover how our existing customers have leveraged this technology for fantastic results in engagement, growth, and much more.


Chatbooks, an online photobook application designed for busy families, turned to Blueshift after struggling to meet their goals with previous email/push providers. By their very nature these platforms’ data processing abilities remained static, and Chatbooks relied heavily on their BI team for segmentation and piping in data manually. Blueshift’s ability to pipe in real-time data was a key selling point for their marketing team.

“Blueshift allowed us to up-level our campaigns and provide 1-to-1 personalization using dynamic user information,” said Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Stephen Cruz, “We can now focus on high-intent customers that want to hear my message rather than email blasting and annoying my whole customer base. The result? +100% increase in email engagement.”

Because Blueshift can react to constantly changing behavioral, catalog, and transactional data, marketers can hit high-value customers with the most accurate and effective messaging possible. Not only does offering meaningful personalization fair well in terms of pretty metrics, it builds a loyal customer base that can stand the test of time.


Within the retail/ ecommerce space brand identity is a guiding pillar for marketing teams. Customers want to know and feel comfortable with their favorite brands, they want predictability. It’s left to business to balance growing demands for personalization, while still providing a cohesive brand experience from channel to channel. Leading online furniture and home decor site, Urban Ladder, uses the Blueshift platform to do just that.

Urban Ladder is a great example of remaining true to brand identity, while still personalizing experiences with their huge, ever-changing catalog of products. Their marketing team is able to walk this fine line with the help of Blueshift’s one-of-a-kind approach to data ingestion, unification, and activation. Blueshift provided the ability to unify each user’s behavior data across mobile and email for an accurate single customer view. It allowed Urban Ladder to deliver a consistent user experience across all channels that represented their brand along with powerful recommendations and simplified paths to purchase, resulting in a 4X increase in conversions.


One additional feature for Blueshift, one giant leap for ecommerce! We’re excited to announce the rollout of improved integrations with both Shopify and Magento. Blueshift’s ability to build accurate and actionable single customer views is dependent on the right data being readily available at all times. The addition of the integration with Shopify and Magento will allow the synchronization of all their ecommerce data to be simpler and less time-consuming than ever before. Read more on the addition of the Shopify and Magento integrations, and what this means for crafting excellent ecommerce experiences within the platform.