Dynamic Experiences Within Email: Blueshift and Google AMP

Blueshift and AMP logos

We’re excited to announce the rollout of Google AMP for email within the Blueshift platform. This new integration will allow marketers to further enhance email personalization with dynamic and up-to-date content. The addition of AMP will make marketing for sales, limited quantities, and quickly changing catalogs easier than ever. Keep reading for an in-depth rundown of what exactly AMP for email is (and does) and how to use it in tandem with Blueshift’s AI-powered recommendations.


AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a Google-backed project. Within Blueshift, it’s an extension of your website used to populate dynamic content within emails. Emails can include dynamic, real-time interactive content, whereas prior all activity would have to be done in a different location. With regular emails, a user would need to log in to the website or app to get the most up-to-date information. But with AMP, the latest information is available directly within the email, any time the user opens it; constantly updating in the background with the latest first-party information and real-time activities. Currently, Google AMP is supported by Gmail, OutlookYahoo, and Mail.RU.


From a customer experience standpoint, AMP can completely alter how they interact with email. Receivers can take action from directly within the email (for example, RSVP for an event or swipe through listings) rather than clicking a static content block that directs them to a webpage. This means customers will spend more time within emails, browse through endless scrolls of recommendations, and ultimately find more value than ever from your email marketing.

AMP allows content blocks such as product recommendations, or other dynamic fields to be constantly refreshed and updated. These changes can reflect changes to inventory, price, and user preference so content is always fresh and valuable. Content can also be refreshed to account for actions taken, website browsing, and other behaviors. What’s most exciting for marketers is that it’s quick and simple to create dynamic emails without having to use JavaScript. This makes creating interactive email more accessible for all marketers instead of relying on IT or engineering resources.


In the past, slow loading pages have contributed to higher bounce rates on mobile, but AMP speeds up the rendering process to combat bounces and elevate website rankings. Because of AMP’s ability to offer real-time processing capabilities and form submissions, it’s become popular across every industry and has the opportunity to spark meaningful marketing change for every business using email. By removing the added step of navigating away from the inbox to an app or webpage, the customer experience becomes frictionless and conversion rates soar.

Still, wondering what this could mean for your business? We’ve dreamed up a few great examples of how AMP can transform emails across any vertical.

E-Commerce email experience
Restaurant email experience
Travel email experience

Want to learn even more about Google AMP? Check out our documentation page for more technical information. Saw something you liked and want to check out Blueshift too? Learn more about our first-of-its-kind Customer Data Activation Platform or book a demo.