Blueshift’s Developer Portal: Explore, test, and validate APIs

Blueshift Developer Portal graphic

Calling all developers, IT professionals, and engineers — did you know we have a developer portal? In addition to our Blueshift Help center, our Developer Portal is the go-to place for anything engineering/IT related within the Blueshift platform. It’s an open resource that anyone can utilize to better understand our platform APIs and access code samples that can be readily used. Marketers can still find everything they need for questions, best practices, and troubleshooting advice within the Blueshift Help — without being bogged down with technical resources. The separation of our technical and non-technical resources centers will make new integrations, implementation, and channel additions simpler than ever before.


Getting comfortable with the Blueshift platform happens in no time when technical team members can take an online, guided tour. Our comprehensive learning modules will walk engineers through common questions, popular use cases, and troubleshooting. Your team members can then, at their leisure, run and test any Blueshift API. This quick start method drastically reduces the time your technical team needs to get up and running, all without lag time traditionally associated with technical support led training and onboarding.


Blueshift developer portal introduction page screenshot


We’ve separated our help center and developer portal to better suit our users, especially those with significantly large engineering teams aiding with Blueshift onboarding; to streamline the onboarding process and help better understand our platform. Marketers can find exactly what they need, such as campaign building tutorials, FAQs, and high-level platform documentation at the Help Center, but without technical language muddling the learning process. Conversely, engineering and IT developers will find more in-depth technical explanations, resources and documentation on the Developer Portal, and less day-to-day Q&A style content. We’re constantly adding more content for developers, so there’s always something fresh to log in and discover.


Within our Developer Portal, it’s easier than ever to test and validate the data ingestion and integration capabilities of the Blueshift platform and assure the portal also provides a reference for each API endpoint our platform supports, including all the details and resources required to integrate your systems and apps with Blueshift. Developers can also utilize our API explorer to test calls, without the need to write custom code and we’ve also included access to samples that can be readily used to call an API when needed. This means that adding in more data sources will be simpler than ever before, and you can continuously have the most accurate view of your customers possible.

Blueshift developer API screenshot